Street Style-Chic

15 Jan


Want to master the art of being that oh-so-cool laid back hottie which photographers just love to have in their every single click? You are not alone.
Here are five sure-fire ways to get you (and all the rest of us) noticed by all street style photographers in no time.

1. Eye Catchers- You must have one in your outfit. They are usually bright in color, robust and statement making; let them be a neon necklace or a bold graphic tee-they are sure to get you noticed.

2. Trail Blazers-Go out and get something totally out of the box. Or at least out of your comfort zone. Just try to ensure it’s something in trend. Then you will be trending too.

3. Hot French Mess-Be like that French babe with the messy top knot and “fresh out of bed look” that still leaves her looking sexier then one of the models on the ramp. The trick is too look effortless-no matter how much effort you have to put in that messy hairstyle or “natural makeup look”.

4. Props-Carry something enticingly mysterious yet coy in your hands. What is she saying you think? How about an unusual clutch? A pretty folder that makes you look professional, like you have places to go and people to meet. Or your tablet in that eye catching cover. But the best two options? Your camera and a to-go cup of coffee from that nautical cafe you love.

5. Be different. Goes without saying you say? Then hear me out before you say more. I mean try to do something different. The trends like wearing your coats on your shoulders and fraying the ends of jeans were started by street fashionistas like you. So, think and be creative and maybe you will be the pioneer of a new trend.

Bonus tip-Smile! There is nothing more catchy, more instantaneously beautifying!
Have a great time strutting it on the streets. The world, after all, is your ramp. Use it to your advantage.

P.S. If everything else fails pull a Miley Cyrus!


2 Responses to “Street Style-Chic”

  1. SandyLand January 15, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

    Ah, you must be writing about me? 🙂
    Great post, lady.

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