Bundle of Love

1 Feb

Love. A feeling of deep affection that pulls you towards someone.
For February the first, I modify that definition hence.
Love: What an aunt feels for her niece every time she beholds her countenance and holds her little hands in her own.

They say there is nothing like that joy of holding a sibling’s child in your arms. Nothing like becoming an aunt.
I say there is absolutely no better wonder then becoming an aunt to a little princess like mine. Her selfless, all encompassing, honest affectionate emotions for me are like a miracle in my life. A beam of light in my saddest hours and pockets full of sunshine on rainy days.
Often when we are singing nursery rhymes at the top of our lungs or I am sharing my own views on life with the angel, she will look at me with that wickedly-sly smile of hers, her eyes twinkling with mischief and her cheeks redder then roses at the excitement of being called my “Princess Lemonade”.
It’s at those moments when I am clear about one thing, what I feel for Miles, I can never feel for anyone else.
It’s not the intensity of emotions which makes me say so, it’s the kind of emotion I feel. And in my heart I know nothing can feel the same, nothing can replace her just as I know when she gives me that toothy grin that I am hooked!
And she is just as much in love.
So, this February, rather then just thinking of what you had like to give to your significant other, get the status of being the favorite aunt and devote a little part of you to her.
And then bask, in the golden glow of this unselfish devotion.

P.S. This is the first post of my series “28 days of love”- the idea behind which is celebrating at least 28 different facades that love can have.
Use the hashtag #28daysoflove to promote the cause-to let people remember what love really is all about.
Also, feel free to do a similar series and let me know if you want me to check it out.
Love. Smile. PARTY.


2 Responses to “Bundle of Love”

  1. SandyLand February 7, 2014 at 4:15 pm #

    I feel the same way about my nephews. It’s remarkable how much I love those two little monkeys. I am their protector and their playmate and their supporter. I will kick any ass (I’m not above beating up a kid or a teacher that picks on one of my boys) that may harm them and I worry about them constantly as if they were my own. I cannot imagine the love I will feel when I have children of my own because the love I have for my nephews is, in every sense of the word, awesome. ❤

    • gullhasnat February 25, 2014 at 10:44 am #

      it is, is not it. It is even more weird that I cant even imagine a time of my life when he wasn’t there. My nephew-he is just everything for me. And yes, I might (or not) have gone a step too far when fighting for him with other kids but then that is usually a last resort, for I rather he learns to protect himself.

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