Love is in every lyric sung.

13 Feb

There was something in it’s flow, the huskiness, the power, the vulnerability-what a perfect mix!
How unutterably harmful, so dangerously intoxicating.
It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was love at first “hearing” if there is something like that.
Paltrow would probably hate me for saying this, but then she wouldn’t be getting where I am coming from-however, the fact of the matter is, I fell in love with Chris Martin’s voice the very first time I heard the stirringly sung “Scientist”.
Doesn’t sound all that romantic, no? But then it never was meant to be. I have never had weird celebrity crushes because that’s just that-weird.
But his voice, it just takes me to another world. It’s pleasant there always, relaxing, refreshing. And the breeze is both warm yet comforting. It’s my happy place, when I fail to find one in my immediate surroundings. It’s my wall to lean on, to regain a lost part, to make sense of everything.
In short, it let’s me be.
And though Martin with wonders like Yellow, Fix you, Green Eyes, Moses (and so many more) is at the top of this list of my favorite most singers, he isn’t there alone.
Stevie Wonders with that richly smooth tone, Bryan Adams with that touching brogue, Enya with her hair-raising voice and Dido with her accented vocals are right up there along with Lennon, Lana, Lorde, Nickelback, Hoobastank, Muse and a dozen more.
So, maybe I fell in love with music at a very young age. But so many times not only has music formed an important part of many a milestone in my life, I realize now how good music can help shape your persona.
At least it has helped sharpen some aspects of mine, and I am not talking here about getting that swing in your step after dancing to JT’s sexy back.
I am talking about deeper impacts, like how shallow upbeat songs might lead you to embrace the superficial aspects of life; how listening to sad songs through your childhood let’s you have more of a tendency to be a patient of depression in later ages; how listening to operas can let you mature artistically before your age.
But on the other hand growing up listening to songs like “Imagine”, “Superstar”, “Animal Song” cultivates the inner dreamer and optimist in you making you ambitious and goal oriented from a very young age and letting you realize that being competitive and wanting to make your place in the world are not bad things.
So not only am I grateful to my brothers for exposing me to the best and the most inspiring of music from a very young age, I am proud of my deeply rooted love for such lyrical wonders.
Again, I will say though, this is a kind of love I wouldn’t substitute for anything else. The dimension it adds to my life is too important to me, will always be. And though it might not be for all of you to get, but music in many forms is that love of my life which is definitely irreplaceable.


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