Love isn’t selfish, nor does it hurt.

18 Feb


These past five days have been an eye opener for me on so many levels and in so many forms that it all combined to be a shock to my system. But, I am thankful for these days too because where I lost somethings I gained a whole lot in advice and experience.
And life teaches lessons better then anyone else.
Details of what happened and how are too much for me to go into right now but these past days finally showed me that there is only one person to trust and only one to love.
And try not mixing the two up, unless the object of your affections is you, yourself.
Who would these people be then?
Let’s make it a bit more fun and dedicate each day of these 28 days of love series to them.


17th February-The one you love.
This is the person to whom you hand the biggest chunk of your heart, with a license to deal with it as they please as; you shower them with love, respect and courtesy and unlimited attention. Be warned, though. They are not bound to reciprocate your actions. In fact the chances of them going the opposite way are quite high. This could be a friend, a mentor, a relative, a colleague or even your romantic interest. The key to handling this relationship? While you are already trusting them with your heart I advise you not to trust them with anything else for then not only your heart but everything you said or did could 9and will be) be used against you. Still, though this is a relationship that seems parasitic, it is actually symbiotic and unavoidable. So, go find that person to play with your heart but keep every other emotion and thought in a lock far away from them.

16th February. The one you trust.
See, take this advise and never ever let it go. Trust and love mixed together is a recipe for disaster so keep each of them far far away. Be amicable to the person you trust but don’t let love be a part of the equation for it will blind you, your trust will be infinite and you will be made to pay for being an open book. This day is then dedicated to the person you can trust with the deepest of your thoughts and emotions, can even be liked but can and should never be “ardently loved”. Would you rather your have your trust misled with or your heart broken too at the same time?


14th February. For the one you love and trust.
Write it in a place where you can see this on a daily basis. You, and only you, deserve the honor of being trusted as well as loved for you would never flirt with your own emotions nor would you use information on yourself against yourself. You know who you are and you will be the only one who can judge yourself fairly for not only do you know where you are coming from but also where you need to go. But when you go baring your heart and your secrets to the best of the people, you are out begging for nothing but trouble. So. Don’t share. Ever. Unless-of course-it’s your mother we are talking about. She is a class apart. No? It’s not narcissistic to love yourself, it’s imperative. It gives you a confidence, a glow that will attract people to you like bees are to honey. The best part-you would no more be dependent on other people for any sort of affirmation.

This all sounds selfish? Maybe, but then I think you missed the point of this whole post. 😉


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