Love is in words, uttered softly.

26 Feb


In the length of this lonely night,
When I am caught up in your thoughts,
I try, in vain, to block your sight,
To sleep again without you on my mind.

When the shut eyes finally comes to me,
It leaves me in no better state,
For in every moment, it’s only you I see,
I feel, I want, I need you-but it’s too late.

Like a caress, whispered softly,
You are in me, around me, everywhere,
You woo me so gently,
That I am again caught up in this affair.

Like a lover I had longed for,
My favorite fantasy, you become my dream,
A craving which makes me want more,
Yet so far away from me, you seem.

I lay here, still as a breath in the chilly frost,
A smile tugging on lips made for you,
Hurry to me, before again we get lost,
In the flurry of this ancient world.

Come to me, come and find what’s yours,
Take back what always belonged to you.
Rush those step, oh mighty soldier,
Or live with years of pitying rue.

Love can be for things, animate or not. And love, it can be conveyed through things. Inanimate or not. The power of words is so strong, though, that they always seemed more animate then any other object to me. They can bring alive any emotion with as much strength as the person desires to convey. And they have that aura themselves which can make you fall in love with them. I fell in love with words when I was but nine and my brother helped my write my first story. And falling in love with poetry and literature was an inevitable consequence. However, I fell even harder for poetry when I realized that prose can convey emotions that sometimes whole novels can’t. It urges you to open your heart to a thousand different emotions. In my case, it let me express myself when I could find no other way. And it continues to amaze me how poetry can be used to strengthen bonds like nothing else can. And break them too. It’s a strong weapon, you see, that I suggest we all add to our arsenal and enjoy at the same time.
Fall in love with poetry, it isn’t hard. And you will see a thousand new facades to the world around you.
And realize this, that there are a billion forms of love other then the one always publicized in all those rom-coms. Till you do that, there would always be something lacking in your life.

Forever yours,


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