For the love of feminism.

27 Feb


“Like a whispered dream,
On a warm summer’s night,
Perching upon her flushed skin,
A simple flash of light,
In the depth of the everlasting darkness,
A promise for the thirsty traveller,
The last foothold for the trekker,
A chance she couldn’t slur.
It came to her when she was drowning,
In a sea of bleak failure,
The promise of a feather not a wing,
Yet it was enough for her.
She held on to it, her lifeline
Her salvage, her hope flared,
With it she let her faith entwine,
And she pushed herself forward.
She knew now what had to be done,
The cords she had to cut,
She would stay there for none,
Move on she must, she would.
Her heart might be breaking,
But her spirit now was hers
For keeping, for healing,
And she wouldn’t give up.
So she cut away her binds,
And rose from the ashes of what was,
Ah, at last, she was released,
From her memory’s ensnaring claws.
Such sweet relief, her moment to shine,
She was in her glory,
She had conquered and won,
That’s what she chose,that was her story.”

It’s sad, that in today’s modern world where everything seems to be better, brighter, faster and where we are breaking through all the past confines of our minds we still continue to use this one word.
Not just use it, rather we relish the snide way it rolls of our tongues.
Do you know why? Because even now, if a woman stands and demands for more then being given to her, talks of her rights and the ways she has been slighted by men, or (God forbid) gives out her opinion and views confidently, she isn’t viewed as a woman voicing what could and should be taken as “human” rights. Or a person just bringing light to an issue of importance. Rather she is treated to be from another species, despised by those who don’t understand her, sneered at by those who know they won’t give her more space, pitied by those who see nothing but stupidity in her. And her whole race.
Hah. A feminist. She isn’t to be trusted, respected or listened to-only those of her own kind will do that. Us? We should just mock her. Make her regret choosing this path, ensure failure for her at every step and continue to label her.
Stereotype her.
Although generally stereotyping is bad, but for anyone who stands up and speaks for a woman-in any form-let’s just forego all the usual morals and norms and give them an entertaining caption.
How beautifully two-faced and shallow we can be. Yet how highly we can think of ourselves.
I believe in equality between genders, I believe we are better or worse from each other not based upon what gonads we possess or not-I believe that when color and creed aren’t grounds for discrimination, gender shouldn’t be.
Does that mean I belong to the lesser race of the “feminists”? Maybe. But then you, who love to point at me and laugh at me, belong to no race at all.
Human race, as it would stand to be, had shun out people who judge so blatantly, so quickly. So harshly.
I dedicate this post to women who love themselves enough, respect others of their gender enough and expect from the general race just enough to speak up for themselves, for their sisters and for anyone-be it man or child-who is oppressed.
For when we do what we are doing, you might see it as feminism. We just see it as a war against what’s unfair, a fight for the weaker people. An effort to free the oppressed and strengthen the weakest links.
I do not however, dedicate this post to feminism. Would murder the whole point now wouldn’t it?

Loving the women of our world is so easy, respecting them an easier consequence of the emotion. Try this form of love, acceptance-and the world will be a better place.

Hoping for miracles,
Yours always.


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