Truly. Madly. Deeply.

1 Mar

I wrote this past month of love and didn’t deviate from the topic.
But I didn’t touch two forms of this emotion for they are indescribable, for me at least.
They are the bond we share with our mother and the affection we have for our father.
My friends are my life, my siblings my rocks to lean on, my books are impossible for me to be without, my nephews the light of my eyes, my niece my bundle of sunshine, coffee my elixir and fashion my favorite drug.
Yet if I even combine all these emotions along with the awe, respect and absolute devotion my parents inspire in me-I would not be able to describe what I feel for them, nor how important their presence in my life is.
It won’t be an understatement if I say that I would go to the ends of this world for them. And here is a little secret, I have already planned out my life with them in every aspect of it, and in a way so that every moment would feel like I am living it for them.
To make them proud of me, to let them hold their heads up high because of me-that’s the goal in life. And no step to it is hard for me, because their love is my life.
Some would say I have a case of hero-worship for my dad. Maybe they wouldn’t be wrong. A man who believes (and practices) in the notion that the worst trait in anyone is lying, who hasn’t cheated once in his life, who is hardworking to a level where his own health has suffered and yet takes care of himself and his family to the best of his capacities, who believes in justice, would never falsely flatter someone to save his life and who isn’t scared of the most influential of people nor bedazzled by money or fame-how could I not idolize him? Although the list could go on, two traits of him that have always inspired awe in me would boil down to his infinite love for my mother and how he gave up his job, his rank and is continuing to fight with the current system just to support what’s right and to shun injustice.
How, then, do you think I could do anything but put him on that pedestal where no one could ever dream to be?
And my mother. Oh, that daring, daring woman. She taught me how not to be a doormat, let me in on the secret that we women are stronger then men, let me know that my intelligence was far more important then my beauty and at the same time taught me how to be soft, caring, nurturing. She is always there for all of us, in every way. In fact, sometimes it is a little upsetting too, how it seems that she gave up too much of herself, her life and her time for us.
But then, she believes her children are her greatest achievement, so who am I to say anything?
I don’t, really, have words to describe my emotions but I believe all my readers know what I feel so I bid adieu to February by raising a glass to the best form of love I know.
That for my parents and from them.

Happy March you all, until next February remember to keep showing people you love what they mean to you because one day is not enough to let them know their importance.

Yours truly,


2 Responses to “Truly. Madly. Deeply.”

  1. SandyLand March 5, 2014 at 1:36 pm #

    Beautiful. Your parents have also done a wonderful job of raising a daughter – one full of respect and loyalty, appreciation, creativity and love. xox

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