Need. Want. Crave.

19 Mar

In life there are levels in everything. In friendship, in love, in success and even in failure-there are levels in everything. There is one and there is zero and a million digits in between.

In the same way there are levels to our urges-some are logical others completely impractical and some are the in-betweeners. This month I will be starting a new series where each week I will share with you what I need( the logical urge), what I crave (the illogical one) and what I want (the in-betweener).


St. Anne Resort

St. Anne Resort

A vacation. A weekend getaway to an exotic yet secluded town somewhere in the Caribbean or France with my bestie and my laptop as my only companions. Or even a secluded spot within my country would do right now. Why? Because honestly, right now, anything away from here would be wonderful, for my brain as well as my oh-so-tired body.


Kate Spade, Claremont Drive.

Kate Spade, Claremont Drive.

This utter beauty of a bag from Kate Spade-the Claremont drive Marcella-it is not just the perfect shade for the long summer coming our way but its size is just perfect for those of us who lug the whole world around in their bags. Practical and beautiful? Wow.


Chiara,, Blonde Salad.

Chiara,, Blonde Salad.

Just look at this beauty and tell me how can you not fall in love with it? It is from MSGM pre-fall 2014 collection. Put in other words? I can just stare at it and swoon like a teenager would at that unattainable crush. Sigh.

What are you dreaming about this fine Tuesday?


2 Responses to “Need. Want. Crave.”

  1. SandyLand March 28, 2014 at 3:01 pm #

    Looking forward to this weekly. Miss you.

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