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In the middle

30 Apr

It’s a mile high hike from where I stand,
Yet the valley on the other side is deeper,
The road I walk on isn’t smooth,
Yet it just keeps getting thinner.

My hands are tied,
My mind is a jumble,
I am caught up here in a fix, but,
I can’t afford to fumble.

This pressure around my neck,
It’s not going away,
My heart is barely beating,
And the skies, they are getting grey.

And I can’t even decide,
If its rain or sun I want.
All the moves that I ever made,
They are back here to haunt.

I just want a little relief,
Someone to take this all off of me,
But, the burdens I carry are only mine,
The terrors there only for me to see.

I have been divided into two,
Equal halves yet not split.
One for the valley that I came from and know,
Beautiful in its warmth, it’s so well-lit.

And the other for the hooded mountain top,
The unknown, the new, with a different appeal,
yet dangerous, for all that it could take away,
and all that it could steal.

Now, even this ledge is beginning to weaken,
My last support has given up too,
Yet I can’t make up my mind up,
Where to go, to what to bid adieu.

I know some of me I left behind,
But as much lies there at the peak.
One is part of me, the other I am a part of,
Yet I don’t know what exactly I seek.

Should I go back down,
For the sake of the past,
Or should I take a leap of faith, and,
Come whatever, I make it last?


The real girl’s guide to summer style

11 Apr

The real girl's guide to summer style

Let’s face it, leather skirts and jean play-suits, no matter how cute they might be, are not what the “every girl” would like to reach out for when the sun is out on a mission to burn us down to our bones and when staying cool beats ‘looking chic’ on its way to become our top priority.
However, we can’t let that happen, can we? We refuse to give in to the heat and become sad enough to not bother about how we look. That’s for the faint hearted. Not for those who still want to hold on to their self esteem. Not for those who prefer a challenge.
So, when the question was put to stylish women who seem to pull off the ‘laid back summer chic’ look to perfection, here is what we got-a list of go to, fool proof looks sure to leave you looking chic no matter how hot it is outside.

Festival ready.

Festival ready.

1. The ‘Coachella’. Inspired by festival dressing there is an obvious reason this look comes into limelight in these summer months. Two words-short and comfortable. Anything in your wardrobe living up to those words is perfect for this look. Crop tops, short shorts, huge hats and flats with bright and catchy accessories and satchel bags will complete this look for you making it perfect for the laziest and warmest of days.



2. Back to basics. White tees, blue jeans, mini skirts, collared shirts, bright bags and big sunnies-you get the picture right? Keep it minimal, yet add a touch of yourself via the accessories or a bold statement on your shirt and you are good to go.

The Bohemian.

The Bohemian.

3. The Bohemian. This look is not just the easiest to pull off but it also allows you to be at complete ease while keeping you from getting too hot. All you need for this look is an eye-catching, breezy maxi dress with dainty sandals and as much arm candy as you can take coupled with the up-do of your choice. And, just add your favorite shades, for that extra something.

Fear not the shear.

Fear not the shear.

4. Go shear. And feel just as sexy as you would like, while staying cool. 😉

Tunic fantasies.

Tunic fantasies.

5. The tunic. Tunics have to be the best and most investment worthy item for this summer season. Light, loose, sexy and versatile, your wardrobe is just begging to have some of these. Couple them with jeans, shorts or even tights and they would give a different finish every time.

6. Pastel affairs. You can’t go wrong with this look. You just can’t, for there can not be a better combination then these ice-cream reminding colors and summer.

Midi love.

Midi love.

7. Midi-love. These stylish, ‘airy’ and easy to carry skirts are perfect for those days when even the touch of cloth on your legs seems like too much to handle. To make it perfect, couple it with a crop top.

Need. Want. Crave.

7 Apr
Meditative introspections.

Meditative introspections.


Yoga. I need to get this meditative exercise back in my life as much for my body as for the peace of my mind. It calms me down to my soul and there is no place better I have found answers from. It lets me see everything as clear as the morning sky on a sunny day. And right now I need that clarity more then anything, I need to bring back that focus in my life. I need that power of meditation to help me get my priorities a little straightened out.




It’s both a necessity and a want at this time, that I get over my writer’s block and keep working on my novel. I have had these blocks before but the periods have never been this long. I need to let out all the pent up “writer’s energy” but in the right direction. On one facade it might seem like a superficial wish, but on another more creative level, you will get where this wish is springing from.

Comfort food.

Comfort food.


I have been cutting out on all things non-veg little by little for some time now, which here in my country isn’t easy. But what makes it worse? Watching your loved ones munching down on all that meat goodness. A good thick burger, preferably one particular Mushroom and Swiss thick from Hardee’s is what I am craving to my core right now. It’s not something hard to get, but almost impossible for me to take. So, I will just fantasize about it. For the next five minutes. Or hours.

Till next time,

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