Need. Want. Crave.

7 Apr
Meditative introspections.

Meditative introspections.


Yoga. I need to get this meditative exercise back in my life as much for my body as for the peace of my mind. It calms me down to my soul and there is no place better I have found answers from. It lets me see everything as clear as the morning sky on a sunny day. And right now I need that clarity more then anything, I need to bring back that focus in my life. I need that power of meditation to help me get my priorities a little straightened out.




It’s both a necessity and a want at this time, that I get over my writer’s block and keep working on my novel. I have had these blocks before but the periods have never been this long. I need to let out all the pent up “writer’s energy” but in the right direction. On one facade it might seem like a superficial wish, but on another more creative level, you will get where this wish is springing from.

Comfort food.

Comfort food.


I have been cutting out on all things non-veg little by little for some time now, which here in my country isn’t easy. But what makes it worse? Watching your loved ones munching down on all that meat goodness. A good thick burger, preferably one particular Mushroom and Swiss thick from Hardee’s is what I am craving to my core right now. It’s not something hard to get, but almost impossible for me to take. So, I will just fantasize about it. For the next five minutes. Or hours.

Till next time,


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