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Love thyself.

22 May


When I was a young girl, I read a line in one of my favorite books that has somehow stuck with me since then, or rather the last words in it have-“love is hard”.
I though I understood it, but I was wrong. Only age and experience really tells you how hard love is. Really tells you the depth of those words.
And it’s not only the romantic kind we are talking about here. No.
Love in all it’s forms-that for your friends, your siblings, your parents-is at the end of the day a strenuous task. And, as it is such a part of our daily lives, it’s neither inevitable nor abhor-able. It’s bittersweet in its pain. What the question ends up being is, if the bitter overpowers the sweet or vice versa.
The answer to that can only truly help you finally decide if it’s worth trying for more or should you give up.
But that’s the catch. You can never really give up, you can never really move on. What you can do is leave a piece of yourself behind and try to repress the need to go rushing back to that particular part. Repress your longings, your memories.
And hold with two hands, in fact your whole body, the door to that part closed forever.
So, no matter how easily we tell each other, “Give up. Move on. They aren’t worth it!”-both parties know that is not just hard, it’s partly not possible.
You might give up on a relation, but you can’t hold back the longing of the “what if”. You might move on, but a part of your mind is still mingled in what was, what you tried to make it be. And as you turn your back on it, your battered feelings will mourn what they lost and the hollowness in you will whisper that maybe it was worth it. Maybe you gave up too soon. Maybe…
But we can either let ourselves be stuck in relationships destined for doom, keep showering our love where it isn’t deserved and keep ourselves open to the hurt of being rejected in those million ways which people who have power over our hearts have mastered the art of doing.
Or we can accept the truth. What is that? It’s the fact that although our love for them will never be eradicated from us, although even the bitter moments with them our heart prizes and even though our mind keeps conjuring up the “what if” scenarios, it’s best to walk away with the little self respect we still have, with the little good in our relationships still intact rather then letting it all be marred by the darkness of pain and failure. To give up before the rejection is our undoing.
For when we do so, when we walk away before the tsunami of emotions was to destroy one or both of the parties we leave with a better chance of it working sometime in the future and most importantly we leave with some of our self love intact.
Because no love is harder then self love, none more scorned and bad-mouthed by the society.
None more important than it.
So protect yourself, your emotions, your sanity and walk away before it’s too late.
When you do, with the pain will be hope of another maybe.
Maybe in future we will be better, and till then you will be happy that you respected your own self.
If you can’t say those last words to yourself, the damage will be much worse then can be imagined. And you would have lost upon the most necessary love of all.

Love. Yourself. Be happy.


Hey US-Ayyyy!

20 May


I am here in the States, and it’s turning out to be a better experience than I had been looking forward to. We arrived here on the 14th of this month and although it took me around five days to fight away my jet leg, I am too happy to complain about anything right now.


We began the trip from Purdue (West Lafayette) with my brother’s graduation ceremony, and I instantly fell in love with the laid back, calm pace of the area and the unending charm of the hospitable people there.



The four days there were great and after a night’s rest following the Spring Commencement, we drove over to Chicago and though the pace of this city is not strikingly fast, it’s still a huge step up from the calm of West Lafayette, and somehow the contrast is just as much charming as it’s enjoyable.



The Sky Ledge on Sears, the Millenium Park, the Navy Pier, the Riverside Walk-all of them typical tourist spots and none of them even slightly disappointing. From taking selfies with roadside musicians, to capturing graffiti and true love on camera, to having coffee every other hour and sharing the experience with strangers-till now the experience has been nothing short of lovely.


Let’s hope that the East coast doesn’t disappoint us in the future either.
Looking forward to more adventures,
Yours forever,


Drink it up

2 May

Summer time...!!

Summer time…!!

When the hottest season in town walks in, we can do nothing but stare and gulp down that cold drink in front of us to take away the sudden dryness in our mouths. To cool our own selves down.
Here are four of our favorite recipes for delicious drinks that will help you do not only the afore mentioned, but which are also undeniably easy to make.



1. Mexican Iced Coffee-This drink, let me warn you, is not for the faint hearted. The flavors are definitely strong, however, it somehow balances everything within itself helping it stop at the brink of crossing over to the ‘dark side’. When in mood for something different, do give it a shot. I copied Deborah Schneider’s recipe from here, except that I substituted the liqueur with coffee extract (espresso would do as well) and cut down a bit on the cream.

St. Patrick's all year long.

St. Patrick’s all year long.

2. Shamrock Shake-Ok, this isn’t much different from your vanilla shakes, and yet a completely different experience. I use the recipe given below, which I borrowed from Emily Schuman, though when making it for myself I skip on the cream.
1 1/2 cups of whole milk (less milk if you prefer thicker shakes)
2 large scoops of premium vanilla ice cream
1 tsp of peppermint extract (or essence if you cant find that)
2 dashes of mint bitters (optional for flavor and color)
2 drops of green food coloring (if you’re not using bitters)
Whipped cream (for the topping).

Method:1. Place all ingredients into a blender, in the order they are listed.
2. Turn blender on and mix until you reach your preferred consistency.
3. Pour into a tall glass and top with whipped cream.

Berry Blast.

Berry Blast.

3. Berry Blast-This drink is a roller coaster ride for your taste buds, and at the same time it’s extremely healthy and rejuvenating making it a necessity for facing the upcoming heat waves.

Ingredients:3/4 cup chilled orange juice
1/3 cup chilled pineapple juice
2 cups vanilla yogurt
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen sliced strawberries
1/2 banana, sliced

Method:1.In a blender combine strawberries, milk, yogurt, sugar and vanilla.
2. Toss in the ice. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into chilled glasses, top with chopped berries and serve.

Frozen Blueberry Lemonade-We all love our lemonade on those burning hot evenings when even breathing seems like too much work, but the drink can get boring. This recipe is one way to spice it up. The best thing about this drink is, you can have as much as you want with minimum guilt about gaining too much weight
I hope you enjoy your drinks and summer.

Until next time,

Summer Wine

1 May

Summer is here and it is already hotter than, well, Inferno itself. And all we can think about is how to stay cool. And “sun-burn” free. And, although both aren’t the easiest, we still find time to wonder about questions like, “how to make the most of this month” and “what are the do-s and the don’t-s of summer fashion”.
In fact, maybe more than all of that, we want to know what’s in style this season.
Or, not.
Maybe, we only want the easiest of recipes for the most refreshing of drinks.
The best thing is, we-you and I-we will be finding answers to all those questions and more together, this May.
And, if you want to see the most adventurous surprise ever, then I urge you stick around the blog this month for, boy, do I have something amazing in store for you.

Till next time, I leave you with these amazing words a very old friend said yesterday morning,
“I wanted to lose my heart and head at the same time and, when I finally did, it wasn’t the prettiest of things. However, it was one of my best experiences.”

All my love,

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