27 Jun


In life you meet all sorts of people. And they all end up having a different meaning to everyone, depending not solely on who they are as an individual, but rather what kind of an impact they have had on those around them.
Hence, it would be fair to say, that despite there being a need to develop ourselves as our own people, as distinct individuals, we can not go on to be any one till we have that human interaction, till we judge and are judged in return. Till we get a chance to be a person. In short, we aren’t “we” till we have others to help us be so.

However, I digress. For this post isn’t on how we develop into who we are. Nor how,without impacting others in a million ways,we couldn’t exist (for that has to be one of the main criteria of our own existence and to be aware of others’).
Rather, this post is dedicated to all those people who in one way or another, influence our lives.
In a small way, in a billion ways-almost they all do, but at the end it sums down to three main kinds of them-at least three main kinds of those for whom I am writing this post, those which I would like to commemorate this with or those, who for a second, I want to remember.

First up, there are those, who come to be there. To last. Maybe they don’t cause enough of a stir in us, maybe they don’t cause that eye opening change in us, in our lives-but they are there, to stay. And the warmth of their presence in itself has such a continuous effect on us, that we are changed, little by little, forever. Yet never to realize how. Or why. The glow of their presence is just enough to let us shine through life. To be our best, our strongest.

On the other hand, there are those, who walk in and out of our lives, without leaving any imprint on us. Without being able to extract anything more than a tiny smile from us as they come to the threshold of our memories, once in a blue moon or two. We could have known them for days or months, or years. But they are to us but like plain bread. Nice, sweet, but unimpressive. Boring. Forgettable.

Finally, there are those, who make us question every step of our lives before them, and change us on so many levels that we realize we are no more the same person. That we never will be, and we are fine with that. Nay, we are happy with it being so. For this change, into a different person, a new human being, they make it anything but smooth yet extremely exciting. They help us find an ‘us’ we were not even aware of. They charm us, they entice us. They come like hurricanes, wreak havoc in our lives, and then they help us put it back together in a way completely unforeseen. And, mostly, in a way that makes us ask ourselves why we hadn’t been so before. But, we won’t stay that way either. A new stimulus will come for sure, our body-our core-would respond to it in a new way. And again we will alter, but yet build up on all that was there before.

I love this third category of people. And am constantly on the look out for them. They have this energy, which the others can’t feel, but its completely in sync with yours. This aura that you feel they borrowed from you, yet it’s somehow different. This pull, which makes you feel like there is an invisible thread joining your souls, which begs you to think if that connection was always there just waiting to be discovered and felt. If that person was always supposed to be your storm and your support, your salvation at the same time.

You might be thinking why I write this. Just two reasons; one, this is my way of honoring and thanking all the people that came, especially those that effected me in any way. And for pushing you to look around yourself, find out any such people in your life, and thank them.
And, two, I had a recent brush with one such person. That’s all it came down to. And though every part of my soul begs me to try a little harder to get that person in my life, to let them impact me, be my storm-I won’t. My instincts might be right but if it has to be forced, then it isn’t worth it.
My best friend disagrees, for she believes that this kind of a connection is too rarely felt to be let go of this easily.
But what are best friends for if not for arguing over…almost everything?

The point is not if I will get that person, the point is if you do get that person, let them flow over you like the Tsunami, for what would be left of you would be so much more.


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