Feminine Fridays

1 Aug


God. This is so hard.

So, those of you who read my last post know what I have been trying to do. The plan was to accept my true roots and embrace them more than I have ever before. That is, to become more feminine.
Why? Along with all that I said in my last post, it might be that I feel that when I am championing the rights of women, I want to be someone who represents not just the core of them, but to let the world see the beauty we all hold inside us. All aspects of that beauty.

But. It’s hard. To be all….feminine? Then again, any challenge is, I believe. Still, it was only after a day of whining over having to keep my back “straight” and how it was hurting every part of me, that my sister quoted an article to me that finally shook me out of my childish squirming.

What the article said, you want to know now, I suppose. Simply this; ” We are meant to be angels, but to acquire our wings, we need to have a posture that can let us carry them justly.”

Don’t misconstrue the words, but try to attain their depth. To be perfect as people, to let the world know that we are attaining a polish, a strength, a goodness that can be revered, we need to form a basis that can make it all believable. A skeleton on which we can put it all on.

Long story short, my shoulders are still straining with the continuous effort to keep them in “place” and I still have to be reminded about it, but it’s becoming a tad easier, and the reminders have gone from maybe a hundred to ninety. Not a big achievement, but in one week, I wasn’t looking for a miracle.

However, as I keep working on this little bit, here is this week’s challenge.

Don’t jump around to look at someone who calls from behind you. Rather take your time, and put in grace and a slow flow, counting till five while you turn around, and the simple act of turning will never be the same.

Um. Thanks. For killing my life!! As in, who doesn’t jump around when called from behind/on hearing a hot voice behind them that could probably be Orlando Bloom himself?? As in, he would probably take insult from one’s


and never talk to one again.
Ok. Yes, that’s not happening. But. Let’s get real. Something like that might!
Or not.
Either ways. I will take the poison here you guys. I will take the bullet. Catch the grenade. In short, I will give it a shot, for back down from a challenge, I will not, till they knight me as Sir Gull-the-challenge-winner!! (If anyone from the royal family is reading this-ANY royal family- feel free to give me any title with the knighthood. I don’t have any particular demands.)

Till I get my knighthood, I will try to keep up with you guys.
Or maybe even after.
Just kidding.
Not going anywhere. Except till next week when I will tell you how this challenge went.
You? May I suggest, you also join me in this effort of mine to bring feminity back? Just follow these “Feminine Friday” posts, and me on Instagram, and I will keep updating you on how to get a step closer.

Till next week,


3 Responses to “Feminine Fridays”

  1. aFrankAngle August 13, 2014 at 11:25 am #

    I wonder what activity you could do (that you would enjoy) that improves posture.Ballroom dance works for us, but isn’t for all.

    • gullhasnat November 16, 2014 at 10:15 am #

      Hey!! Sorry for the obscenely late reply. Exams going on. 😢
      Anyways. How are you? I hope all is good at your end?
      Posture? We have a multitude of ways to fix that, starting from the straight back wooden chairs to walking with a book balanced on your head to using the right kind of mattress. I will put up my list after the exams. But, to be honest, dancing generally requires a finesse and hence a well balanced posture-not just call room but other kinds too-that are one of the best ways to improve posture.
      Have a nice day, Frank. 😊

      • aFrankAngle November 16, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

        No problem … and good luck with exams. Make sure to take some time for yourself.

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