WTF Wednesday

31 Dec

Seriously, Weddie, why the eff are you here and when the eff do you leave? Besides, who the eff even let you in when everyone knows that I have booked Thursday to drop me at Friday’s so that we can leave for the Weekend?

I mean seriously. WTF?

Urgh. You are so annoying!
But, as you won’t let me nor the calendar-inventing-criminals shove you out the door, for once I am going to try and not ignore your existence and use you a little. Just a little. To solve the most pressing issues(read; answer life altering questions) on my mind.
Like, who the eff suggested medical as a career advice to me?
Why the eff can’t I wake up one day with brown hair?
Where the eff can I buy cheap yet fant-read:hot-astic winter jackets?
And, really, how the eff do you make the perfect cinnamon rolls?

And why the effing hell can I not be allowed to use the F-word without worrying about your and mine and this world’s moral code?

Phew. Now that that’s out let’s get down to it, shall we bra’zers?

Point I planned to make today was (clearly someone digressed) that life maybe hard, but only as hard as we make it. And just as fun too. It’s how you take what you get thrown in your direction. What you make of it.

You can either let the snow ball hit you. Or catch it and throw it right back.
But then there is the third solution, harder said than done, but much more useful.

To catch the ball, and add it to your snow man (no pun intended). Unless the ball was aimed at your man (snow or otherwise), than do as you please.
But deep/dirty is not the mood of the day, bra’zers and bro’zers.
So let’s keep it high and short and end with just a warning:
Let it be known, then, that this post is just the start of the most effing awesome, and even more effingly demented, series.
Or maybe just some weekly-Wednesday sheezam that will bore you to death.
Who knows?
Oh wait, I do!

And you can too, starting next Wednesday. To keep the mid-week of your office bound/college-imprisoned/stuck-in-hell-holes lives a bit more fun, keep tuning in every Wednesday for something effingly out of your boxes(or mines either).
Till next Wednesday, I leave you with but one question;

Why the F am I wearing only one sock?
(Could it by the leprechaun apocalypse?)

Later, my loves. Stay hot and sexy, till we meet again.


2 Responses to “WTF Wednesday”

  1. SandyLand December 31, 2014 at 1:25 pm #

    Hahahha. I’ve missed you!!!!

    • gullhasnat December 31, 2014 at 1:32 pm #

      I have missed you too. And blogging. So much.

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