Tasteful Thursdays

1 Jan

I love series.
But even more I like adding positive adjectives to the days of the week to make it easier to last each one of them.
Be allotting a special fun aspect to each one of them, so that in the haze of my mixed up, overly busy life I can take a moment and enjoy something I love. Like Feminine Fridays, to embrace my inherent femininity. WTF Wednesdays, to search up some cool new topic or place or fashion or even a clothing item to share with you guys.

And now, Tasteful Thursdays.
The concept is pretty simple, each week, I’ll share with you either the best destination I have personally come across for a particular food item or a personally tried and tested, sure-to-amaze-your-taste-buds recipe that will woo your heart. I might diversify this series, because the adjective ‘tasteful’ can have such wonderfully diverse connotations. But for now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. And stick to food.

This week, to keep this post from getting too long, I’ll just share with you pretties something a little different from what I will be sharing in the future Thursday food posts.
The link to one of my favorite food blogs-Honestly Yum.
In fact, if you haven’t already, rush to the sure or at least it’s Insta page as soon as you can, not only to inspire the foodie in you, but (hopefully) to lure out your inner chef. It’s one of the branches Honestly WTF spread itself out into when it was spreading it’s wings, and not only the recipes there are divine and original, but they aren’t very hard and the added tips and tricks are a must-see for amateur as well as for practiced chefs-defined excellently to be understood by both and all the classes in between.

Head there and wet your appetite, but know that the best is yet coming, so that you are ready and prepared for my post next week.

Until then, loves, stay sexy.


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