Humanity, our ray of hope.

14 Jan

Where did humanity go? Have you seen it anywhere?
In the silent vigils, perhaps, held for the 134 kids who were murdered in a fashion too brutal to be uttered, in the name of some insanity?
In the charity collected to aid the dying kids in Thar, victims of poor nutrition and health, tagged as “death tolls rising” from the drought?
Maybe it lies in the solidarity shown via the hashtags for the cartoonists at Hebdo who died doing their job or maybe it’s in the vocal acknowledgement of the Muslim guard who gave his life for the same magazine’s right to express.
Or, do you think, it’s hidden somewhere in Israel’s continued acts to control the Palestinians or in the mass protests against it? In the vocal opposition of terrorism in the world or in the silent acceptance of killing of some religions, for the sake of protection of others?
Can you see it? A hazy glimpse?
If you do, point it out to me, because despite the straining and continual searching, I can’t seem to find it.
Do you want to know where I think it’s gone to?
It was washed away in the mother’s tears whose only kid got killed at school, amongst over a hundred others, because his father was fighting against the extremist, and yet, who couldn’t be brought to justice. It was forced out of the lonely man by the road, whose whole family was wiped out in an attack in Palestine. It was bled out of Ahmed Meramet’s family, whose own blood couldn’t save Islam’s reality in the face of the brutal murder of Charlie Hebdo by some psychopathic extremists. It was shaken out of the girls of my country, as they saw Malala Yousafzai fight for her life.
Or maybe.
It left us all, each and every one of us, silently, steadily yet all at once, as we grew, to an extent, desensitized to all these deaths and all this pain.
It left, never to be gotten back again.
“Where did our humanity go”, a friend exclaimed today, shaking her head, ” and what’s going to become of us?”
What indeed is going to become of us, when we face all our enemies with our whole selves exposed. With our only weapon, our only solace, leaving us. Bereft. Unprotected. Deserted.
What are we without humanity, but empty shells with no sense of justice.
It wasn’t humanity that made us weak, no. It was, will always be, our greatest strength. The one thing that separated us from the other forms of life. The one difference that we have lost now, as the contrast between us and animals grows less apparent every day.
You shrug now, I suppose, “What does she know? I am not at a loss of humanity yet. I was at the forefront of the protest condemning the attack in Paris; I wrote the most moving article against terrorism in the US; I used social media brilliantly to raise my voice against Pakistani terrorism.” But as you go on thinking of your accomplishments, let me just ask-is that all really humanity? Or is it just you, a human, choosing a side as a person. Acquiring an individuality as you identify yourself at one end against the other.
Non Muslims against Muslims.
French against extremists.
Israelis against Palestinians.
Pakistanis against TTP.
Americans against terrorists.
And so goes on the list.
Condemning, complaining, blaming; finding fault in the opposing side, yet unseeing the children, the families, the powerless people who end up becoming the victims of all these oppositions. Of all these wars-cold, or otherwise.
“Oh but we see them. We condemn their deaths too. We aren’t that unfeeling, we are sad for them, we wish away their pains with our hearts.”
I hear you. But do you really hear them? Can you hear the parents’ silent weeping whose kids are dying of hunger in Pakistan, or are you too busy holding them in contempt for being “Muslims”?
Can you feel the pain of Ahmed’s family, over not only his death but the fact that it counted up to nothing in the face of the misrepresentation of his religion by some extremists or did you feel rid of your duty by reposting beautifully done illustrations, through which you unknowingly advocated the fact that some lives are more important than others?
Is your conscience so light that it feels cleared after writing a touchy status, sharing a moving illustration, reading a tear jerking article?
In this sea of pain, silent vigils and mourning mothers, do you not want to come forward first as a human and then as a nation, as a religion, an ideology? Wouldn’t you prefer to live with the motto “je suis in etre humain”?
Every one loves his country, his beliefs, his religion more than the next person-or at least everyone of us likes to believe so. But before we let our thoughts divide us, our judgement lead us astray, shouldn’t we rather save this one dying belief that will bring to us what all our forefathers must have dreamed of.
A world living in peace. A human race in harmony, with each other and with their own self.
I do not tell you to give up your opinions, to not to take sides. I don’t ask for the impossible, but I beg for you to feel your heart-not to love a chosen few, but to love all. And let us all then, love each other.
Today, I beg you to make a pledge, but before that I plead with that little humanity hopefully sparking to life in you. I plead with it to help you realize, that no one’s life is more important than the next one. Killing one man is killing the whole humanity. Killing one child, is equal to erasing the word’s very existence itself. That’s what my faith teaches me. To protect the human race before fighting for anything else. When we hear of death, let our first questions be not of the victim’s caste or creed, their crimes nor their backgrounds, but let’s make an effort and turn these questions into ones for help. Requesting to lend our support, our prayers, our care in any way and every way. Because we can condemn what we choose to be wrong even after that, but if we confuse the sequence of these acts, what little ambers of humanity reside in this world yet, we would be erasing their existence, killing it all with our own hands.
And, I fear, it might then be too late for regret.
So let’s regret now, when we still have time. Mourn the children who died, even if they were Muslim, mourn for the Charlies of the world no matter their opinion on other’s religions, resent the deaths of Palestinians, even if we don’t agree to their demands, pray for the departed casualties of all the disasters that could have been avoided if the perpetrators of the acts leading to them had had any humanity.
For you see, humanity doesn’t just separate us from living beings other than humans, it’s what separates us from the walking dead amongst us, whose brutality our whole race is a victim of right now.
So today, let’s realize that no religion, no belief, no nationality is bigger than humanity. Lets realize that and then, let’s pledge our efforts, to fight first and foremost for humanity. Fight for it and save it. Make it a war for all of us with only one aim-with only one expected result-of wining. Let’s pledge to try and not get lost in the floods of hatred and pain and revenge opening on us. Try and keep it at bay with our last ray of hope.


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