A look back

27 Dec

As we draw towards the last week of the year, I can’t help but look back at how the last one has gone and the only word that comes into my head is this-‘wow’. 

A year can change so much and yet so little. People come and go, circumstances change. You yourself change. And yet, the constants remain. And it’s those constants I’m thankful for today. The people, who don’t give up on you no matter what, pulling along with you through the thick and thin. The ones on which you can rely on not to change. The ones on whom you rely on not to let you change for the worse. I’m immensely thankful for them, every day, every hour.

And yet, I’m just as much thankful to those who have been the variables. The coming-ins and the going-outs are not just entertaining but it’s more interesting how meeting and knowing them or saying the goodbyes can impact you. Change you. 

I have always been told that fate brings in people as it sees necessary for you and takes others away when their work in your life you is done. And looking back I realise the truth in those words. 

I stand here today, a stronger, wiser and more independent version of myself compared to last year, due to these people and I can’t but thank them for that. 

So, to the constants and the variables, thank you-for helping me grow as a person and to making my life so much more intriguing. 

And for those reading this-the constants, the variables, the new comers-here is one new year resolution I’m letting you in on-I will be blogging much more this year and all of the content will leave you nothing short of excited. 

So, stick around-let’s touch each other’s lives and help change them for the better. 

Happy holidays!


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