3 beauty myths busted

10 Jan

The best part is, there are numerous articles with authentic researched linked to them out there which have already said what I’m about to tell you, but they have been ignored pitilessly. I’m hoping that adding the fact that what I’m about to tell you, as a fourth year medicine student, is nothing but that verified by the HOD of our dermatology department and his deputy, both practicing doctors at one of the leading hospitals in our country, known even abroad for their expertise in the field. 

If you can’t take their word, then your trust issues have reached a level high enough for you to be seeking medical help. Just kidding, but seriously, if even now you don’t believe and act on what I tell you…then I’m beginning to lose hope in the power of my degree. 

1. Coffee, chocolates and oily foods cause acne. 

Scientists have, through repeated search, proven that no food, from any food group, can cause acne breakouts on your face. Acne, caused by blocked sebaceous glands, is caused because of imbalanced hormones or by a bacteria living deep in the skin-both not related to what you are putting in your mouth. Nor is it caused by dust clogging your pores or by chocolate being secreted into them. 

The only connection that has been found between most of the foods and acne is that chocolate is a stress food, and during stress not only are you binge-eating on chocolate but your cortisol and other stress hormones are also in a havoc. The said havoc is causing the breakout. What is chocolate doing? Nothing. Same goes for your oily, yummy comfort foods. As for coffee, the same stands true except that there might be a slight chance (not proven yet) that it amplifies the said havoc in stress conditions. Again, not causing anything on its own. But if you are already under pressure it would up the effects of that on your skin. 

Moral-stay calm, drink water, exercise and then eat whatever you want to. (If the acne isn’t going down despite cutting down on all these foods-which now you know why it isn’t-and removing apparent stressors, that means some other hormone’s levels are upset inside you. Please see a doctor.)

2.Dying white hair will make more white hair sprout up. 

People who begin to have white hair early on in their life are the target of a genetic disease. The only two things they need to know is that even if it wasn’t in their family before them, it will be in their next generations, being a familial disease. And two, go get your hair died. There is no scientific basis for the statement that dying your hair will increase the rate at which other white hair appear. I mean, are you suggesting the dye seeps into the pores and sucks out the color from the hair roots? Long story short, if you are tired of the salt and pepper look you’ve been wearing since your teens, go book an appointment at your favorite parlour without any qualms. Hurry. 

3. Laser treatment for facial hair is a death sentence for your skin. 

This one is hilarious. It’s like saying bras are going to kill your breasts. I mean, we can survive without bras, and the wrong ones will kill the shape of your…but the right ones? You know how good they can be to your body. Same goes for laser treatment. If the meds aren’t working and your doctor prescribes laser for hair removal? Sure you can say no and live with that hair, or go for the wrong laser treatment and curse all of medicine. Or you can do your research, go to a clinic that specializes in what you are looking for and look for a doctor expert in the field. We are honestly not out there to steal your insurance. Almost all of us came into this field with one common aim-to help you. So please let the doctors do what they spent their lives learning. They are better at it than google. 




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