Five problems girls with anxiety will get

7 Aug

Think you don’t have anxiety? This post might make you think again. Based on research and published articles, here is what an average girl with anxiety undergoes, almost every single day:-

  1. Showing up to work too exhausted to process anything because your mind decided to kick into overdrive right as you were about to go to sleep and you got stuck over that thing you said to that girl two days ago and how much she is judging you right now for that. The only way you figured out that she could judge you less…and there you went making up a gazillion hypothetical scenarios in your mind, none of which you will actually act out, but all of which helped you stay up.
  2. Counting the hours before your friend replies, usually subconsciously, until it crosses that time frame of when “she usually replies’ and that’s when you begin to freak out. Like pace-around-in-the-room-thinking-why-she-hates-you level of freak out.
  3. Remember that time last week when you were so stressed over that situation with Sam that you couldn’t stop crying and felt so exhausted till all of a sudden you weren’t crying anymore but had flipped to the other side, laughing on something stupid and feeling all energized, ready to conquer the world? Yup, that happens to you so often its a part of you now, but it’s also a part of most people who have anxiety. Pendulating between extremes of emotions is something that a lot of women with anxiety deal with but never find it worrisome enough to go to the doctor for.
  4. Ever wonder if your friends do really actually like you and if they will stick to you in the long run? Times too many, right? Because you feel like you aren’t good enough to be liked by anyone. But also because at times it feels like the world is against you and everything is unfair and no one will appreciate the real you ever? But it is possible, because you are a great person, it is just the anxiety in you that is eating away your self-confidence and making it hard for you to see people the way they are. In fact more, it is not letting you see the real you.
  5. Every time you stress out, you binge eat and then watch a few hours of mind numbing shows. It helps you cope with that stress, but you are not the only one doing it. Research shows that most women with anxiety prefer blocking out their stressors, by replacing them with something they don’t have to over-think about, in their conscious part of brain. Till all hell breaks loose and they over analyze it all and then go back to binge eating. It’s a vicious cycle and it is not going away. Till you make it.

If any of these situations hit close to home, maybe it’s not enough to worry about but still, I suggest that you go get medical opinion on it and a psych evaluation from a certified doctor. It might not be ‘nothing’ and it is better to nip it in its bud because full-blown anxiety is not pretty.

In short, if you feel that maybe you “stress out” over things more than your friends-look for help. There is no shame in going to a doctor but if you can’t, at least talk to a friend. Let them help you, make you face your fears, make you lead a fuller life. Don’t let this one thing hold you back from your full potential, instead know that you aren’t alone because once you do, and you reach out for help, you will find yourself more supported than ever before. And that realization alone will help you improve by leaps and bounds.

In either case, realize that what you have isn’t trivial, but do not let it define you. Regroup yourself and fight it away, till you feel like it’s no more who you are, but rather a small, distant part of you.




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