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Planning the perfect NYE

30 Dec

Celebrate it with those who love you.

I am a big fan of planning parties. God, the high I get out of planning and hosting them, I earnestly believe in another life I was an event manager. If my college routine wasn’t so demanding, I probably would still have started it as a side business.But as the latter isn’t possible, I make do by throwing parties for friends.

And NYE seemed like a perfect occasion (ahm-excuse-ahm) to host another. But as I sat there making a list of ideas, I thought of how I celebrated last NYE and although the memory put a bittersweet smile on my face I realized something.

Of all the people I had rung in the new year with last year, fifty percent don’t matter to me any more, in fact I haven’t talked to some in a long while and the others I don’t think I want to talk to ever. (Is there a way to say that without sounding like a hater?)

And that’s when epiphany of all epiphanies hit me.


Celebrate it with those you love.

I don’t want the main events of my life to be crowded by people who will sooner or later become so insignificant that I wont even think of them in weeks or months at a stretch; but more, I don’t want any of them to be marred by the memory of people whose reminder is stressful or hurtful in any way. Or just plain disgusting (again I say this at the risk of sounding like a harsh, cold person but I am not one, honestly).

In fact, I want only those there who are and have been constants in my life, who have remained by my side year after year, accepting the best and worst in me and still loving me, supporting me. Sticking to my side and being there for me when I needed them, giving a kind word as required, pushing me to give my best.

I have nothing against fair weather…people(?)-but on milestones, on big days, on the memorable events of my life, I want those there whose memory wont be hard in any way, those who will lift me up rather than bringing me down, those who bring me flowers when I am sick and tell me to straighten my shit out (excuse the language) when I am in a rut.

So this NYE, try doing it all a little different. Reach out to the ones who really matter, more-reach out to the ones who mattered five or ten years ago and who you think will do so as many years later too. Most importantly, this NYE, reach out to the ones to whom you matter and ring in the new year with them. 

At least that is what in my head is the perfect way to celebrate NYE this year and what I am planning to do.

I want only those people around me who won’t judge me, those I can let my shields down around, the ones who make my life better by just being there, those who never fail to be there when I have turned to them.

The ones I believe at times that I am not even worthy of to have in my life (yup, I am talking about those special ones).

These are your real family. No matter if these are your childhood friends, your highschool best friends,  your cousins, your ‘bae’, your siblings-they define family. This holiday season hold on to them just that much tighter and welcome the new year with them-call them over, go to them and if they are too far off, use Skype, use Facetime-virtually or not, celebrate it all with them this year. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Afterall, what could be better than to get to celebrate it with your ‘family’, no? Question is, are you up for it?

In the end I will only say this-happy holidays, you all.

P.S. If I don’t get to post over the weekend, cheers to everyone out there.

And a Happy New Year.


7 ways to style your checkered coats this winter

27 Dec
  1. Wear it as a dress. My rule is, if it is long enough and you can button it up, pair it with stockings and you are good to go. Honestly, give it a try. You will love it-especially thanks to the extra warmth you will get from this particular ‘dress’.


    Wear it as a dress.

  2. Couple it with a fine mix of ‘polished’ and ‘laid back’. How? Pair it with a nice collared shirt but add some spunk via a chic sweater. For an extra dose of casual add some nice fitting boyfriend jeans. Note:-this can be an easy day to night look, exchange your flats for some heels. Add bright earrings. a red lippy and a nice clutch and you are good to go.


    Mix and match.

  3. Twist things up by pulling it over a midi-skirt. Add a matching accessory (scarf, shoes, bag-any one of them) and you are sure to stand out. Note-try avoiding flats with midi-skirts, that is prone to make you look shorter and less pulled together.


    Add a midi to it.

  4. Less is definitely more. And keeping it simple is the best way to go. Wear it with a sweater in a muted shade (the more over-sized it is, the better), your favorite skinnies and easy-to-walk in boots.Go with the latest style of laced up boots, again preferably in a muted tone unless you want to stand out in the crowd. Then your thigh-highs would work just as well.


    Less is more.

  5. Not cold enough for jackets where you are? Do it like the bloggers do. Layer a light-weight sweater with a favorite shirt and let the coat act as an accessory on your shoulders. You can pull it on if the night gets too chilly but if it doesn’t, well you won’t be too warm. Personally I feel its best to wear your coat like this if you are wearing skinnies but if you are feeling bold, couple it with a mini for a hotter look.


    Keep it simple.

  6. Add a pop of red. Nothing works better with a muted plaid, especially if it is in a shade of grey, than a little addition of something red. It can be via your bag, shoes or even your scarf, but if you keep everything else monochrome, the little bit of red will give both character and life to your outfit.


    Pop of color

  7. Sunday chic.Going out for a Sunday brunch? Grab your comfiest boyfriend jeans, add that favorite tee from your college and pair it with a nice pair of flats, preferably ones with a boyish touch. Complete your look with your favorite plaid jacket. And go stuff up on that brunch while snapchat-ing your “weekend” look.


    The laid back look.


Way forward

26 Dec


To end this
Are as lost as
My will
To begin;
The oceans
I might have
But this river
Another story;
Eludes me
Like a shy bride
I await
For it to take me
Its arms.

Things only a book lover would get

21 Dec


  1. Your favorite shopping destination is the bookstore. All your savings, every week/month, get spent on your favorite kind of shopping spree-the one at the bookstores. I have yet to know of a rush better than that felt at the sound of the ‘cling’ at the cashier marking the sale of the books you just picked out. They are now yours forever, to love and to read. To cherish and to add to your library. To pass on to your kids as the best form of legacy.
  2. Your favorite place to eat is one linked with a bookshop or preferably having the option to read books while having coffee/food. Whoever came up with the idea of opening cafes with an in built bookstore was a genius and my love for them is infinite. Walking down aisles and aisles of gorgeous books with the smell of freshly brewed coffee seducing your senses, awakening every part of you while calming you simultaneously. What could be better? Maybe getting to sit down at one of the tables in said  cafe, surrounded by books and book lovers, comfortable in the knowledge that they are all like you-sharing a smile with people you have never met but knowing each other more than any other pair of strangers.
  3. One reason for your never ending love for winters is the opportunity (ahm-excuse-ahm) to cozy up with a book in front of a fire place, letting the romance of the words woo you. The fire is roaring in the fireplace, there is a chilling wind right outside the window by which you sit, wrapped in a warm blanket, a warm cup of coffee in one hand and a captivating book in the other, lost in the mesmerizing world the writer has weaved for you, basking in the opportunity of getting to read said book in peace. What, I ask you, could be more relaxing?
  4. One of your favorite scents is that of newly bought books, their pages. Completely addictive.
  5. You can never have too many books. Period. Anyone who refers to the piles lying back at your house while questioning your need to buy any more, needs to be removed from your life. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.
  6. Wherever you go, you find the best bookstores before the shopping centers, the grocery stores and the cafes. I am still not sure if that’s just luck or if instinctual, but without fail-no matter if I travel out of city or country, the first thing I end up stumbling across or coming to is an unbelievably good bookstore which I fail to leave without causing some damage to my wallet.14596850_1820516484889498_5161952302063419392_n
  7. No matter where you travel to, you find an excuse to buy more books no matter your luggage issues. Always guilty. I go to buy course books and end up with autobiographies, I go to buy guide books and end up with mystery novels. And at the end all such decisions come to haunt me as I wait in line for my luggage to be weighed.
  8. No matter where you are, you find the time and the perfect spot for reading a book. From subway terminals to that cafe at the end of your street with the cute tables to the coffee shop two blocks away with the wonderful view of the main roads-you find a perfect spot to read your books. And you never, without a fail, find time to read some good ones.15043913_1196286357085067_5808669674128277504_n
  9. You can very easily hone in on a fellow book lover. You can spot one in the midst of the thickest crowds or in lone bars. Maybe they all carry themselves in a different way, or maybe it is the almost always there book with with them-either way, it is easy to find them. And although the book they are reading might put off any conversation you had in mind, don’t do that. They are easy to talk to and won’t mind putting the book down for some good words. Mostly.
  10. There is nothing better than discussing, even arguing over, a book you love with someone else who has read it. It is infinitely exciting and intellectually stimulating to do either, and the feelings you leave them with are indescribable-a sense of warmth and belonging, knowing that there are others working at the same level as you, on a vibe similar to yours-I kid you not, scarcely do other things have such a profound impact on your emotions. Honestly, have few such discussions with me, and I am smitten. Add to that a few shared favorites and some common critical views on classics like Jane Eyre or Mill on the floss, and I will be out there buying a ring for you, ready to propose even if society tells me it’s not the girl’s job. I am pretty sure you don’t care about the society either, do you?

Don’t let go

11 Dec

I miss writing.

That thought has been a recurrent one for me since the past three years.

Yes, three.

I don’t know how I let myself do this. How I let go of things that I loved in favor of other ones that I knew wouldn’t last.

I let the temporary replace the permanent, and that is the worst mistake anyone can make.

If you love something, really and deeply, don’t let it go. Or a part of you will forever be missing.

I just began writing again, and it took me that to realize how incomplete and empty I had been. To find the missing piece of myself felt like a coming home I had been waiting for all this time. The rush of having a story in your head come alive on a page in front of you is one I can never explain, but one that sends a warmth through me every single time. To watch that story mould in a way even you couldn’t foresee is an absolute pleasure. And I can’t tell you how much I regret having gone three years without getting to experience all of that.

Why is she going on and on about some re-found passion of hers? I will answer that question with a request, that request being the reason why I wrote all of this.

Don’t give up on things you love doing. No matter how busy you are, no matter how caught up in life or people you are, no matter how time-consuming other things have become, don’t let anything or anyone be the cause of you giving up on that which brings you joy. Force yourself to go back to the activities that used to give you so much pleasure. Find time, if even the smallest fraction of it, to give to that which was once so important to you. Rediscover your lost passions, at least give them a chance to win you over again. Maybe, they are a lost cause-as you keep telling yourself, or maybe something better awaits you.

Go on, give it one more shot. Because life, it is short, but also sly. Sometimes the best things in life are right under your nose. All it needs is being brave, or maybe even less-maybe all it needs is to keep holding on to your passions.And never letting them go. Maybe they wont lead you to something grand, but nothing is more satisfying than not giving up.

Our careers and education are indeed important and require too much of our time and attention, but these little things add the needed color to our lives. Otherwise it’s just a handful of early mornings and late nights speckled amongst days melting into one another as we work ourselves to the ground trying to make it big in our fields.

Before I end this post, for anyone out there who has lost a passion and is trying to find their way back, please reach out to me. Maybe I can help in some way.

And for anyone out there trying to write that earth-shattering best-seller (we can do it, right?) while managing their college routine, my heart is with all of you. And so are my prayers.

Stay blessed,



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