How to fight your Monday Blues

9 Jan

Mondays are torture to head into after any weekend, but when they mark the end of our favorite holidays, they get that much more difficult to face.  Still, through eighteen years of facing the same blues every week, I’ve revised four tricks to face Mondays with a more positive vibe and be able to stay strong despite its blues.


1. Plan a smashing outfit:-

What makes holidays fun for me are the chance to get all done up and head out to party. What makes me look forward to decking out is an outfit that just pulls at my heart-strings. Isn’t that why we all go crazy for the perfect NYE/thanksgiving outfit? So for Mondays that seem extra hard to head back into, I put together an extra special outfit for them. And the idea of getting into something that would make me look good or feel sexy, it immediately makes the threatening Monday blues seem less daunting.


2. Buy a pick you up:-

It’s something like a gift, but not really. A coffee from your favorite place before heading to work, a sweet treat ordered for your lunch, a framed photo from a recent party to put at your table. Something to make you smile and warm away the chills Monday is trying to send up your spine will inevitably make it easier to get through.

3. Plan a lunch:-

This is one thing I do every single time. And I’m thankful for a girl friend who lets me pull this off. Whenever any Monday sounds like too much for me, I schedule a meet up for the lunch with a good friend. The idea of meeting a best friend that day, to get to be myself with them and unwind my tight self during that hour, it just makes me fit enough to face anything and everything. Going into Mondays suddenly sounds like no job at all when my planner highlights a meet up with someone I love being with.


Eat smart


4. Don’t start your diet on Mondays:-

Or gym. Or yoga. Or anything that sounds too much effort or is last on your list of favorites. It associates a negative energy with Monday psychologically making you hate it more without realizing why. I can never even get why starting something midweek can’t be just as successful as beginning it on a Monday, in fact it makes the day always much less daunting and much less easier for you to step into..

So there you go, my four little fail safe tricks to help make my Mondays easier. Do you have any that help you get through your first day of the week? I would love to hear your tips if you have any.

Till next time,


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