6 things I didn’t know about having a dog

24 Jan

I always knew I was a dog person, you know in those “dog vs cat” arguements. I had never any doubt that once I could, the only pet I would want would be a dog.

However, it wasn’t till I got my little baby when I realised how much I could love her. And what I’d been missing out on my life till she came into it. Maybe it’s premature to say this, but I still will- I’ve no idea how I lived two decades of my life without giving more thought to adopting a pup.

Here are however the six discoveries that shocked me the most after adopting Snow.

1. I hate calling her a “dog”. We don’t call all of us just “humans” do we? And my Snow isn’t just another dog, she is one in a million, a combination of all that is warm and lovable. With the most intelligent eyes and the most precious cuddles, her little idiosyncrasies and cute tricks make her different from every other dog out there, then why call her that? Disagree? Maybe you would have to know her to get what I mean, but don’t mind it if I take it personally when you ask me “how is your dog”, because she is far more than that. Ok? Ok. She is Snow, respect us enough to call her by her name

2. You learn to love like never before. I’ve tapped into a part of my heart that I didn’t event know  existed. And undoubtedly, Snow owns the whole of it. Her worry keeps me restless if she isn’t well, her crying makes me nervous till we have been able to calm her, her ease is my only aim, her gleaming eyes and little whines have me ready to do everything and anything. My lap is where I love seeing her, her licks and cuddles are what I look forward to when going home. In a short time she has taught me to love her beyond a level I thought I could ever love anyone. And somehow everyday our bond grows stronger, as she teaches me how to love her more.

3. It isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Maybe the love makes it easier. Or maybe Snow’s intelligence does. But she has been the easiest little addition to our small family and her small chores are more fun than burdensome. If any extra effort I’ve had to put in, she has made it all worth it. Because the best part here, she love me right back and I know her love will never fail me.

4. You will know your vet better than your doctor. More so if you are anything like me and are rushing her off to him for the smallest worries. Within two weeks I’ve gone to him more than I’ve to any doctor of mine. But if it wasn’t for the kind man, I would have been a huge ball of worries by now. He always knows how to say the right things to both me and Snow and we always leave his office with a lighter step.

5. They are like little babies. At least Snow is. If I don’t give her the right attention she gets mad at me and turns away. When I take her into my lap she cuddles with me to no end. She cries when hungry, sleeps like there is no tomorrow and plays tirelessly the rest of the time. Her fragility is that of any child’s both in disposition and in her body, and I’ve the urge to sometimes get her a baby-cot to complete the image she puts in my head. I can’t really explain the exact reasons, but if you own a puppy you will get this. They are like little babies and flourish under your touch if you treat them as such.

6. The thought of them not being with you in the future is-not one you want to have. Ever. But what if you do have to part with the little love? My mom asked me this the other day, after a gentle reminder that I wasn’t going to be living here for long. But I don’t want to imagine what it will be like if I have to leave her behind. I don’t want to. I wasn’t prepared to fall for her like this but now that I have I can’t unfeel any of it. So my only answer to the possible question is to ignore it and hope I don’t have to answer it. Ever.

Do you guys love your pups like they were family, did it all come to you naturally too? I would love to hear your thoughts, but more aNY advice here is more than welcome.

Till next time,


p.s. I have been forced to write less in these past days because of Snow and an upcoming wedding which might keep me away for a few more weeks, but I will try to not go missing for months this time ! 😛



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