The best of Coachella style

16 Apr

This is one event that has always been on our wish list, but more, this festival sets the style tone for the summer music festivals that follow it-every year.

What is better though, that the festival seems to grow bigger and better every year, with people making more daring choices than any year before and wow-ing us in the process, giving us style goals of our dreams.

The first weekend on this year’s Coachella was no different, leaving us with long lust lists as we sit at home wishing we could be as cool as the attendees.

Choosing a best dressed list from amongst such a ‘snazzy’ lot is one of the hardest things ever, but till now, here is what we have loved the most.

  1. For the very brave, the semi-nude look reigned supreme, and the likes of Shay Mitchell pulled it off without making it look racy. There has to be something said about women who can look classy even when they have next to nothing on! Ashley Graham and many other bloggers also followed the trend, but Shay remains our favorite!

    Shay Mitchelle


  2. However, the better embodiment of ‘less is more” was Nicole Richie in her simple black sheath with her hair in a bun and minimalist accessories. What makes us love the look more is the fact it is easy to incorporate into our own styles and that too while staying cool. Summer style tip:- the more the accessories, the more hot and bothered you will end up getting. Less is definitely better in the heat!


    Nicole Richie

  3.  No one can do summer music festival fashion better than Vanessa Hudgens as she has proven over the years, earning herself the title of the Queen of Coachella. This year she went all out again, and although her colorful Kimono tied the look together, it was the lacy black crop top that caught our eye and the fringe booties gave the bohemian look just the required amount of edge! It doesn’t hurt though, the fact that her black locks accentuate the whole look, giving us Paki girls hope of being able to pull off boho-chic looks half as smoothly if/when the need arises.

    Queen of Coachella


    Vanessa Hudgens

  4.  For the less brave in us, there was enough inspiration too, and in that, rompers reigned best again-all kinds of them. Sara Sampaio’s was our favorite though both in terms of the color and the cut. Note, though, that she also paid ode to another hot trend at the same time-sleek, pulled back hair!

    Sara Sampaio


    Olivia Culpo


  5. For the girls who love the terms ‘athleisure’ or ‘high-low-mix”, there were many who pulled together the feminine and the not so girly, the ‘dressy’ and the ‘laid back’, in perfect equations, giving classic vibes to the generally ‘too chill’ dress code. If such fusion looks are your thing, here is your inspiration from this weekend!

    Kierman Shipka


    Kierman Shipka

  6. Although her looks last year were more earth shattering, we are still in love with Kendall Jenner’s bling top! Because nothing spells summer music festival better than some sequins in your outfit! Or a few hundred of them!

    Kendall Jenner


  7. For the girl next door wanting to attend any music festival, here is our favorite option-couple something you are used to wearing (an off shoulder or a crop top or both) with something festival-fashion-police approved, like distressed shorts or flared jeans, Emily pulled the whole look off effortlessly, and so did her friend. We especially love her top-the perfect print, the perfect style.


    Emily Ratajkowski


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