Letters to you

8 Jul

I can’t believe it’s July already. It honestly feels like 2017 just started. Is it just me, or is this year going faster than any before? Or is it just because I wanted this one to go a little slower?

Either ways, happy July everyone! I hope your year has been going good and that it just gets better!

And if you have your birthday this month, like ninety percent of my friends, than this month’s theme on TMW is going to be your favourite. 

Yes, this month, it’s going to be all about birthdays!

Everything from a guide to what to gift to your main girl or boyfriend to what you should get for your mom or your office colleague, will be getting covered in our guides on gifting this month (a weekly special feature for July)!

Want to throw a birthday bash like never before? Watch out for our guest editor’s tips on hosting the best birthday party! But if you feel you’ve outgrown birthday parties, and are looking for ideas for doing something different this birthday or ways to enjoy your day with your loved ones, watch this space for our advice! 

However, if you are looking to go all out crazy for this year’s birthday? Or want to give your bestie a birthday they will never forget? Then “a night to remember” should be the perfect post for you! Or if you believe in being a little extra, we have some fun ideas on how to make your celebrations last a week! 

However, the biggest question always remains, how to throw your best friend the best birthday ever and we will answer that along with our tips on planning a perfect surprise birthday bash! 

If you need some tips to perfect your gift wrapping skills or ideas on party food for the special occasion, we have got you covered. But if the only gift you want for yourself is a perfect beach body, our guest fitness expert’s advice on that will surely help you achieve your goals!

In our travel section, along with the guides on different cities we are already working on for you, including Chicago and New York, we will also be sharing with you five ideal getaway destinations for your birthday and ten places you must see before your thirties. 

Our fashion section will help you figure out what to wear for your friend’s birthday and we will also have suggestions for what you can wear to your own birthday party! 

Our Friday Five posts will continue, with all of them focusing on the theme in one way or another, bringing to you five things we loved that are relevant to all things party and birthdays! 

Finally, our special “summer edition” post for the month will be on five ways to take your party to the beach

As I’m travelling, the posts this month will be fewer but still as fun as ever-quality over quantity right?

Catch you all soon! Much love,



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