I will be honest, somewhere along the way, I began to give up on my blog. In fact, I began to give up on almost all that I loved. Wow, right? I know.

I could just say, “life was happening”. But that wouldn’t be true.

The truth? I grew lazy.
But, enough of all that. Lazy might be me, but give up on my blog, I shall not.
Amongst the attempts that I have been trying to make to get my flow back, is these three series that represent three of my favorite topics right now, food, femininity and fAshton.;-)
Their links are in the drop down menu of “series’.

Also, I will be continuing with my Ask Gull series.
What is that?
Simply put, if you have a question or a query-fashion, travel, personal life or even studies related-I am here to help you with my two penny worth of advice on all of this and more.
Any and every thing you want to ask, we are here to answer.
Just mail me at

and I will be ready with my replies.

Here is the first one of your questions answered. And following are some older ‘Ask Gull’ posts.

Pastry in Pastels?

What’s “in” the pants?


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