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Counting my way to the next sunrise

15 Feb


Some days start,
their end comes so smoothly,

Like the blink of an eye,
a smile on a sunny day,

Some mornings they begin,
you count till it is dark,

The lights dim out,
the way they have inside you,

and the seconds are years,
never ending, yet instantaneous when they end.

WTF Wednesday

21 Jan

WTF do you wear on a rainy Uni morning-where you will have to commute between the campus and the hospital, walk around the wards and the labs? I asked myself that a million times this morning and almost all the times I drew a blank before finally sitting down and taking (too much) time to think my options through. Now, though, having partly answered the question successfully today, here I am sharing my tips (and favorite looks) to help inspire your wardrobe choices on a similar rainy day.

1.Rain boots:-You need to be in flats, understandably, as you navigate through the rain washed/wet roads. But you also need shoes which will keep your feet warm against the cold wet ground and that will not be damaged by any water. Rain boots are not just the solution, they are the answer to every fashionista’s prayer. Because they come not only in the prettiest colors, but also in different styles. And, they make walking around in rain a piece of (delicious) cake. Without any slipping involved.

2. Wear those gloves:- Winter rains might be pretty, but definitely too cold to brave without proper insulation. And with the infinite options in gloves that we have, they are not just a pretty accessory but a pick-me-up for any look.

3. Leather jackets:- They and winter rain just go together like peanut butter and jelly for me, and add a pretty knit to it and you are in heaven-clothing heaven.

4. Don’t forget your umbrella, ella, ella…:-But do invest in a pretty one to make it am accessory for you rather than an extra load.

5. Bright make up:- Everything is already in every possible shade of grey, don’t add to that. Stand out, and pick your own mood up, with a bright lippy or catchy eye makeup.

6. Tie your hair: Because with or without any rainwater getting into them, they are sure to get frizzy yet weirdly oily and completely unmanageable if you don’t tie them up. So, TIE THEM UP!

WTF Wednesday

7 Jan

It’s a question that has been annoying me since ever.
And it’s one I can still not find an answer for. But I have to share my pain with you, maybe one of you can give me some solution?
Or maybe just knowing that I am not alone in this will make the load of my worry a little less?
What’s the question, you impatiently think, ready to wander off. Cool your boots, my worrisome busy-birds, and hear it then if you can’t wear any longer.
It’s just…why the eff do I always forget to take pictures at the most important moments of my life? Why can not my mind or, more realistically, one of my friends remember to capture these moments? Help me hold on to them.
It is so annoying, watching the memories fade out at their edges while I wish I had just a single picture capturing the emotions, the feel of that moment. Just a glimpse of the reality, a little souvenir from that much visited (in my head-duh) place, to hold on to when the rest of it is rushing away.
A colored print to take the black and white out of my thoughts of the past. To help me never forget. To make it easier to remember.
It should have been one of Murphy’s laws. Just like the fact that you can barely find a hot car being driven by an equally hot and young guy. They are all either too old, not hot enough or just women.
Just like all hot, tall and kind men are either taken or their orientations don’t coincide with mine.
Or maybe, they are all Murphy’s laws, we just never found them in proper writing.
Hm. Now that might just be the answer to an endless list of my questions. Or not. While I figure that out, here are little diy tips to making your pretty face to glow naturally Why? Because…I mean, why the eff is it always so dull?

1. Take an egg , separate it’s yolk and put that in the fridge. (It’s useless for now, unless you are hungry. Then scramble it, QUICK!) Use the white and mix in a little water (a teaspoon at max). Take an old, cleaned, makeup brush. After thoroughly washing your face, pat dry it, and begin to layer your face with paper towels/tissue paper. How will they stick? After placing each one on your face, brush on the egg white onto the paper. Repeat till your face is covered, but try not to let the layers of the paper double. Leave on for 15 minutes or till dry, then remove the papers, wash your face only with hot (and then) cold water, et voila! Bright, shiny, glow-y face at your service. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. First one was too complicated? Here is an easier one for the slower people like me. Take half a tablespoon of honey and mix in yogurt till you get a paste (max 3/4 of the tablespoon). Apply on dried and washed face, keep on for ten minutes and then wash it off, with lukewarm water. Do this twice a week and the results will not disappoint you.

3. Don’t like the tips above? Here is one for the daring ones who don’t mind a little tan in their skin. Take half a tablespoon of ground coffee beans and mix in half as much honey. Use this as a scrub trying to delicately rub off dried damaged skin. Do it only once in two weeks. The effect is instantaneous and when you wash it off with lukewarm water, try not to apply anything else on your face for at least 90 to 120 minutes. The slight issue, as I mentioned before, is a little coffee-flavored tanning.

I don’t religiously take care of my skin-for which my sister is going to soon disown me-but not only can I swear by these three tricks, but I can tell you that it’s these remedies that got a good friend’s skin back from the dogs (read-open pores, pimples, white heads, you name it). So, if your New Year’s resolution (like me) was to take care of your skin and body a little more, these will be an easy way for you to start off. With the added advantage of having no side effects. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope these home remedies work amazingly for you too.

Until next time,

WTF Wednesday

31 Dec

Seriously, Weddie, why the eff are you here and when the eff do you leave? Besides, who the eff even let you in when everyone knows that I have booked Thursday to drop me at Friday’s so that we can leave for the Weekend?

I mean seriously. WTF?

Urgh. You are so annoying!
But, as you won’t let me nor the calendar-inventing-criminals shove you out the door, for once I am going to try and not ignore your existence and use you a little. Just a little. To solve the most pressing issues(read; answer life altering questions) on my mind.
Like, who the eff suggested medical as a career advice to me?
Why the eff can’t I wake up one day with brown hair?
Where the eff can I buy cheap yet fant-read:hot-astic winter jackets?
And, really, how the eff do you make the perfect cinnamon rolls?

And why the effing hell can I not be allowed to use the F-word without worrying about your and mine and this world’s moral code?

Phew. Now that that’s out let’s get down to it, shall we bra’zers?

Point I planned to make today was (clearly someone digressed) that life maybe hard, but only as hard as we make it. And just as fun too. It’s how you take what you get thrown in your direction. What you make of it.

You can either let the snow ball hit you. Or catch it and throw it right back.
But then there is the third solution, harder said than done, but much more useful.

To catch the ball, and add it to your snow man (no pun intended). Unless the ball was aimed at your man (snow or otherwise), than do as you please.
But deep/dirty is not the mood of the day, bra’zers and bro’zers.
So let’s keep it high and short and end with just a warning:
Let it be known, then, that this post is just the start of the most effing awesome, and even more effingly demented, series.
Or maybe just some weekly-Wednesday sheezam that will bore you to death.
Who knows?
Oh wait, I do!

And you can too, starting next Wednesday. To keep the mid-week of your office bound/college-imprisoned/stuck-in-hell-holes lives a bit more fun, keep tuning in every Wednesday for something effingly out of your boxes(or mines either).
Till next Wednesday, I leave you with but one question;

Why the F am I wearing only one sock?
(Could it by the leprechaun apocalypse?)

Later, my loves. Stay hot and sexy, till we meet again.

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