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Five women who inspire us

10 Apr

This week’s Five things’ theme is:-


Women who inspire us

We present to you five women who have bravely started off or are already running small businesses in Lahore while managing their studies, their social lives and their jobs on the side too, because apparently “too much on my plate” is a phrase they know nothing of.

1. Sugar craft by the dynamic sister duo, Shanzeh and Aleezeh Salman

thumbnail_image (1)

Shanzeh Salman

Do you know what is better than home-baked goods which are tastier than what you have eaten at even the best of the bakeries around town? When these goods are almost as good in their looks too, making you want to eat your cakes and have them too! So while you are left in a quandary over whether you should eat their items or save them for decor, our advice would be to take a bite-because the heaven in your mouth will be worth defiling their beauty.
Here is what the sisters had to say about their brand:

thumbnail_image (2)

Aleezeh Salman

“We love working together, baking magic together. My cozy business-minded, kung-fu Panda sister and I, a slightly clumsy art student, spend hours in the kitchen experimenting. It oddly feels like home, recreating old recipes, and playing around to customise new ones; knowing that you’ll create something you can call your own. Sugar Craft means a lot to us! It’s super cosy 🕊”

Find them here!!

2. Maven Clothing by designer extraordinaire, Aisha Malik

Aisha Malik

Who doesn’t love a nice desi wedding? Everyone does, yes? But the one problem we all always find ourselves facing is-clothes. We all want something pretty and traditional, yet something that makes us stand out and be different! Enter Maven, a brand that does formal clothing with such a subtle western fusion that you are left with clothes desi enough to please your grandmother and yet cool enough to help you stay in the spotlight.
We asked Aisha her plans for the brand and here is her answer:

“MAVEN by Aisha Malik eagerly aspires to dress up all those beautiful women out there with the latest, chic and minimal cuts incorporated with our very own developed embroidery. I felt the need of introducing MAVEN to provide our clients with the best fashion trends incorporated with the best fashion consultant in town.”

Visit their Instagram or Facebook page for more information!

3. Makeup by Hira Khan by the brilliant make up artist, Hira Shahraiz Khan

One line-she doesn’t believe in the art of caking! And we were sold. However, what gains her more respect is that she isn’t just amazing at her work, but she is also a brilliant teacher and the kindest person to work with. She can do make-up for any occasion-party, wedding, dinner date,you name it-and no hair-do seems too hard for her to pull off. Plus, she can teach it all to you too! All in a day’s work!
Hey, girl, superman just called to ask why you wont stop stealing his thunder!!
Here though is all that inspired the maestro into becoming who she is today:



Hira Khan

“Makeup had always been a subject of interest to me. Everyone has their own way of expressing the creativity that exists within them. For me it was makeup, I always felt that there can be no better canvas than the face so that’s when i decided to pursue makeup as a career choice. What inspires me is the concept of “Less Is More”. I believe that makeup should be used to enhance the beauty that already exists and nothing should be over done.”

Check her work out here!

4. Bakeology by Saira Qayyum Malik
This little home based baking business might be new in town, but I can personally vouch for three things-the experience of the woman behind it, the taste and the proffesionalism! All of it is beyond any you will find in many of the ‘well established’ baking businesses in Lahore. Fair warning though, this one business is going to be one you need to be watching out for!
Here is what the owner told us when asked what inspired her to finally put years of practice and experience into use and begin this business:


From Bakeology

“Translating my ideas into confectionary is something I really enjoy and cherish! So I finally decided to make use of all that I have learned in my life and bring to my customers something only years of experience in baking could-finished products with old world charm and perfect taste!”

Visit their page here to learn more about them!

5. Into the kitchen by Muzna Ali Khan
She doesn’t run a business per say, but we believe it is more of an “as yet” situation because with cooking skills like hers, she is bound to be running a well loved eatery soon enough. Till then, enjoy her food via her blog where she shares her personal recipes without qualms. The icing on the cake is that her recipes are so easy to follow that even we got them!
We asked her how she manages it all with her grueling medical school routine and here is the answer that left us all stunned:


Muzna Ali Khan

“I came up with this idea before my third year finals (in medicine school). Since they were postponed, I decided to channel my energy towards something I loved doing and hence this blog came into being. Our routine (as medical students) is very hectic, but you make time for what you love. I have at times skipped college to post a recipe I really want to share and the love I get in return from my followers is what makes it all worth it. I am on my 90th recipe and I plan to do a giveaway when I reach the hundredth! My blog is something that helps me get away from the stress of my university and something I love too, so it isn’t a burden, rather an outlet!”

Find her blog here !



Where have the days gone to?

5 Nov

Where have the days gone to?


Let me just-OH MY GOD.

I am finally doing it. I can finally let my thoughts shape into words as I write them on the proverbial paper. And to say that it feels good is an understatement.

I said to my family I felt dead, empty before-during my exams-but I felt myself and a semblance of life returning when they ended. But, it is only now I realize what I had been missing on.

Only now I realize that it is at this moment that I have begun to live again. Breathe again.

Writing. That is what defines me. And three months without it had left my as thirsty for the urge to let my imagination flow on to paper as a man lost in a hot dessert would be.

But my thirst has been quenched, my imagination rejuvenated and my soul has returned.

I am me again.

Yes, that sounded oh so theatrical and maybe I am being a wee bit (or even more) dramatic. But the fact of the matter is that the core of what I said is true. I always knew writing was an important part of me. But the calming relief surging through me right now lets me know how big of a part that is.

You ask yourself now, that if it was all so important, them why had she refrained from it for so long? I would like to say it was a self imposed hiatus, but it was not. It was a necessity not an option to stay away from any and all distractions-no matter how I loved them-for something even more important was at stake. My end of the year exams. And believe me, for a student who just likes sailing through studies with much partying and just enough grades to pass, it came as a shock that even people like me who studied to their minimum, had to withdraw from much else in her life for medical.

So, yes, it is the absolute truth when they say that if you hold anything more dear to yourself then your studies, do not chose medicine as your career. It leaves minimum space for anything else in your life. Even for kids like me.

My break from everything that spells “life” to me was barely that of two months. The ‘better’ students have been living on Jupiter since day one. With the hundred billion books and the stifling air as their best buds. And irregular sleeping patterns as the most exciting things in their lives.

Yes, I am rambling. And partly whining. So, I will just say this. Boy am I glad the torture (read: exams) are over. I just shudder at the though of how those kids survive. And just hope that despite the late realization that it was time to study, I did good enough to pass. Pathetic. I know. But enough about studies. I have had plentiful of that thank you.

Let’s talk about other stuff. Stuff that I have missed out on. Like Miley’s notorious videos and Prince George’s amazing christening ceremony (told you I was out of touch with life). But I am back, and at the best possible time too. For this weather, its my absolute favorite, with the promise of winter in the soothing air of autumn and all my favorite holidays heading my way. Add to that a free excuse to overindulge in coffee and chocolate and lounge like a vegetable in a warm comforter all day. Mhmm. This is life.

I would love to talk fashion. How I see curves are back and shear is still the ‘in thing’. I would love to tell you how amazing my birthday party went, how wonderfully my novel is coming along and how much I love the Nikon that I gifted myself.

However, not only does all that sound a little narcissist, but I am also at this very moment doing another thing I love like crazies.


So, I will just rush to the oven for I can hear the timer go off and leave you with the promise that I am going to eat your heads off with my blabbering. Figuratively.

Maybe literally too.

But before I rush off, I will answer that question above. Where have the days gone to? They were stolen away from me while I wasn’t looking, for my attention had been captured by my eluding books.

Love you all.
Now and always.

p.s. I can actually smell autumn in the breeze coming through my window. How amazing is that? Happy belated Halloween (boy have I got stories on that too)!!

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