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Friday Five

17 Jun

Happy Friday everyone! Thank God the weekend is here-was said not by me because tbh I have been making such good use of my month off from med-school (i.e. I have been sleeping so much) that all my days have melted into one another and my Mondays have been as good as my Fridays!

Sorry, I get to feel this way only for three weeks once a year, hence I had to enjoy this/brag about it. However, I have also got five fab things for you today that I am sure you will love and will hopefully make you equally happy!

  1. The most gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff wrap around watch. 

    Rebecca Minkoff wrap around wrist watch

    Honestly, I was obsessed with it the minute I saw it! It is classy, with a twist and as it doubles as great arm candy it is perfect for travelling when you need accessories but also don’t have a lot of space for too many of them!


    The “Go Naked” Urban decay perfume oil

  2. The new Urban decay perfume oil.
    Not only does it smell divine but it comes in a travel friendly bottle that fits in your purse, is easy to use and has the cutest packaging. It is limited edition though, so hurry and buy it while stocks last!


    Rings from Fervor Montreal

  3. Everything from Fervor Montreal.
    Especially their Chloe collection which is delicate and colorful at the same time.  And their statement rings! Each piece is so versatile, that it can go with almost anything-a quality I always look for when packing for over-seas trips because I want jewelry that can go with more than just one of my looks!
  4. This Furla travel bag which is everything!
    The best part is that it is on sale!! And I feel this bag (or one similar to it) is a must for every fashion-lover out there! It has length adjustable straps and can act as a backpack as well as a hand bag! (I love such flexible pieces!)
  5. This lash primer that has changed my life.
    Honestly, I always thought that lash primers were the most useless make-up item ever. Till I used this one and my perspective (and life) will now never be the same. One swipe of it on my lashes followed by my mascara and it feels like I am wearing the most natural-looking fake lashes. Does that make sense? I hope it does because I mean it-everywhere you go people will be commenting on your ‘brand new lashes’!



Friday Five

9 Jun

The five travel linked beauty products that we fell in love with this week are listed below. I hope you enjoy them!


Travel essential-Darphin Beauty revealing cream

  1. Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream
    Moisturizing should be a key part of your beauty regime no matter if you are travelling or not, but travelling requires you to put extra efforts into the step. This cream is a little thicker than your usual moisturizers but that is why it makes it an absolute in-flight travel essential! It keeps your skin firm and super radiant, no matter how long the flight.


    Travel essential-Aerin rose hand cream

  2. Aerin rose hand and body cream
    Because your face is not the only place that gives in to the drying impact of travelling-you need to give as much attention to the rest of yourself too. This Aerin cream is ideal for keeping your hands and feet moisturized, helping you smell great at the same time! (I might be slightly obsessed with its fragrance, to be honest!)


    Travel essential-Ouai Dry shampoo

  3. Ouai Dry shampoo
    This little guy is a life saver, especially for the days when showering on the go isn’t the easiest task. For me though sometimes even after a good wash my hair looks flat-probably because of the change in air and water, and this spray helps my hair look voluminous again. So, for any time during your trip, if your hair seems too flat and not fresh enough, this will be your savior!


    Travel essential-Kate Somerville Cleanser


  4. Kate Somerville Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
    A good, deep cleaning cleanser is a must when travelling-because you are definitely going to be more in the outdoors than normal. Plus, your skin is never really prepared to deal with the different percentages of bacteria and dust particles in the new environment, so the best way is to keep your skin as clean and your pores as gunk-free as can be. This cleanser is ideal for the required amount of exfoliative treatment, letting your skin remain clean and fresh looking (and far away from pimples).


    Travel essential-Karuna face masks

  5. Karuna face masks
    There is nothing more refreshing (nor better for your skin) than to return to your hotel after a day of sight-seeing and going to bed with a nice face mask. Not only will you wake up the next day re-energized but so will your skin! And these Karuna face masks, especially the hydrating one, is one of my favorites when travelling! It keeps my skin fresh and hydrated, minimizing the break-outs I once used to be prone to while travelling. In fact, the last time I was travelling, I began to break out pretty badly but between the cleanser mentioned above, these masks and this ELF acne fighting spot gel, I was able to make the pimples go away!


WTF Wednesday

7 Jan

It’s a question that has been annoying me since ever.
And it’s one I can still not find an answer for. But I have to share my pain with you, maybe one of you can give me some solution?
Or maybe just knowing that I am not alone in this will make the load of my worry a little less?
What’s the question, you impatiently think, ready to wander off. Cool your boots, my worrisome busy-birds, and hear it then if you can’t wear any longer.
It’s just…why the eff do I always forget to take pictures at the most important moments of my life? Why can not my mind or, more realistically, one of my friends remember to capture these moments? Help me hold on to them.
It is so annoying, watching the memories fade out at their edges while I wish I had just a single picture capturing the emotions, the feel of that moment. Just a glimpse of the reality, a little souvenir from that much visited (in my head-duh) place, to hold on to when the rest of it is rushing away.
A colored print to take the black and white out of my thoughts of the past. To help me never forget. To make it easier to remember.
It should have been one of Murphy’s laws. Just like the fact that you can barely find a hot car being driven by an equally hot and young guy. They are all either too old, not hot enough or just women.
Just like all hot, tall and kind men are either taken or their orientations don’t coincide with mine.
Or maybe, they are all Murphy’s laws, we just never found them in proper writing.
Hm. Now that might just be the answer to an endless list of my questions. Or not. While I figure that out, here are little diy tips to making your pretty face to glow naturally Why? Because…I mean, why the eff is it always so dull?

1. Take an egg , separate it’s yolk and put that in the fridge. (It’s useless for now, unless you are hungry. Then scramble it, QUICK!) Use the white and mix in a little water (a teaspoon at max). Take an old, cleaned, makeup brush. After thoroughly washing your face, pat dry it, and begin to layer your face with paper towels/tissue paper. How will they stick? After placing each one on your face, brush on the egg white onto the paper. Repeat till your face is covered, but try not to let the layers of the paper double. Leave on for 15 minutes or till dry, then remove the papers, wash your face only with hot (and then) cold water, et voila! Bright, shiny, glow-y face at your service. 😉

2. First one was too complicated? Here is an easier one for the slower people like me. Take half a tablespoon of honey and mix in yogurt till you get a paste (max 3/4 of the tablespoon). Apply on dried and washed face, keep on for ten minutes and then wash it off, with lukewarm water. Do this twice a week and the results will not disappoint you.

3. Don’t like the tips above? Here is one for the daring ones who don’t mind a little tan in their skin. Take half a tablespoon of ground coffee beans and mix in half as much honey. Use this as a scrub trying to delicately rub off dried damaged skin. Do it only once in two weeks. The effect is instantaneous and when you wash it off with lukewarm water, try not to apply anything else on your face for at least 90 to 120 minutes. The slight issue, as I mentioned before, is a little coffee-flavored tanning.

I don’t religiously take care of my skin-for which my sister is going to soon disown me-but not only can I swear by these three tricks, but I can tell you that it’s these remedies that got a good friend’s skin back from the dogs (read-open pores, pimples, white heads, you name it). So, if your New Year’s resolution (like me) was to take care of your skin and body a little more, these will be an easy way for you to start off. With the added advantage of having no side effects. 😉

I hope these home remedies work amazingly for you too.

Until next time,


Go “fur” a stylish day!

4 Jan

I am in love with faux fur jackets. They are the “thing” this winter and I am glad that I bought mine from Mango in the beginning of the season so I was amongst the first ones styling the hot trend from the cat walks (yes, the fact made me want to gloat a bit, bear with me).
Anyways, fun as these faux-fur clothing items are, they are not easy to style. and they can end up as fashion disasters quite easily! Especially faux fur jackets!
If the picture here has inspired you, or if you already were inclined towards the fashion, then may be my tips on styling the jacket would help you go that further step. And the don’ts are in there too, to keep you from being an “eye-sore”.

TIPS to “fur” it:-
1. Remember, they have a natural tendency to flop around, and their weight makes it fall forward. If you don’t couple it with a fitted shirt and fitted skinnies or boot cuts, chances are you will end up looking like a bloated, out dated woman. If you like that look though, then go for it.
2. These jackets are usually in shades of greys and creams. The fool proof way would be to couple it with blacks, skins or creams and understated jewelry. You will look elegant and gorgeous, and outstanding in your own way. I suggest, go for it if you like the jackets!
3. If you haven’t bought one, then I would tip go for one with shorter hair, not too lose fitting and one with no sleeves. The one with sleeves and long hair might look hot on ramp and stylish in pictures, but believe me they can be a complete pain in-you know where. However, if you believe you are that bizarre, cutely outlandish diva sort who can top it off, then go for it!
4. Remember, these make the part from your neck to wherever their hem line is, look bloated. And if you put a beanie on your head or pull them back in a matted bun or pony then hour face will look oddly small in comparison with the rest of you. The best way to go is put some volume in your hair and then let them fall around your face. You will look hot, and sexy-go for it if you want to be the centre of good attention!
5. Now here is one for the daring, “I want to stand out and look hot as hell” lot. Add a pop of color. Maybe add a bright top or sweater beneath the jacket, or bright heels, but don’t go over the top with it. Please. If you still want to, then, well, go for it!
6. They look best with heels, but better with ankle boots with heels. But it could be my biased opinion as a heel-loving-fanatic.
7. Skirts look nice with them, but only the pencil, fitted kind. But I would suggest stick with jeans when you wear them. There is something casually laid back about these that look best with them.

There, these are the things I keep in mind when wearing my sleeveless faux-fur jacket! I hope they are useful for someone out there. Also, add any tip of your own in the comments if you had like.
But remember, be brave! It’s only the fear of the unknown that keeps us from success. Try the trend, and see how it goes from there!
I didn’t add other faux fur clothing its in my tips, because I will be doing another post on them, once I complete my research!
Hope you would like that, and this!

Yours forever,



The froth on my coffee…

3 Jan

Olivia rocking her Paige denim.

Add a bolt of color to an otherwise dull look.

Add a bolt of color to an otherwise dull look.

Beautiful boots and stylish woman!

Beautiful boots and stylish woman!

I love winters.
No matter how much cold it gets, no matter how much I freeze my “legs off” when I go to university in the morning and no matter how much I may have to layer on to stay warm, I love it despite that.
In fact every memory of winters I store away for those sweaty, stinky summer days. No offense, S!!
The steam rising from my frothy coffee, the flirty scent of morning fog, the fun of seeing your own breath frost and your nose freeze. Gathering with your friends by a roaring fire all bundled up, drinking hot chocolate with them on a cold evening or enjoying gloves, boots and gloves to the max.
Boots, oh my love, those boots. I am crazy about shoes, but boots and me, we have something special between us.
Then there are the beanies, the fun of eating ice cream when your are frozen yourself and then warming yourself during the ensuing flu.
Coats-the pea-coats, the trenches, the asymmetric bright ones, the military ones, the belted ones, the plaid printed ones, the commando print ones-oh my god, the list goes on. And then the added advantage of enjoying New Year’s during this season.
How can I not be head over heels in love with it?
And, how can I not be crazy about winter fashion?
Here are some pictures, that inspired my dressing to some extent, or that match my personal style. I hope you like these too.


Beautiful winter look, comfy and stylish!

Beautiful winter look, comfy and stylish!


Hairstyles and New Year…

2 Jan

Hairstyles and New Year...

Hey guys, before I go on and begin with my ramblings, I want to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year!!!
I love you all, all of you, because every like you gave, every comment you posted and every reply you gave these past few months determined me more and more to continue with my own passion, blogging.
I am new at this, but I feel with you people by my side I might emerge successful with this blog, doing that which I love.
So, thank you all. You know who you are!

And, before I finish this post, here is a picture of different styles in which you can wear those pony tails. I know we all need to wear them back after we have gone crazy primping them these last couple of weeks( especially when its the morning after, if you know what I mean). But wearing them away from your face does not mean that you have to look like an outdated maiden. Be fashion forward with your “tails”. Take inspiration from the women above. Also, here are my couple of tips for pony-tails.
1. The high-high pony (i.e. one on the curve on top of back of your head) can never go wrong. Especially if you add a sleek touch via straight hair. Just pull them back and up and you are elegant as ever.
2. Take inspiration from Kristen Stewart, especially if you are a fan, and do a side parted and side swept tail. Just keep it a lower then your ear, yet higher then the nape of your neck.
3. Do a deep part( almost near your ear) and do a low-rise pony.
4. If none of these works for you, then do a part high pony, with all hair pulled back, and then braid the pony, like Serena did a season back. Its not the latest in thing, but it is one of those things that never really go out of fashion. And always work great.

There you go, wrap up your hair in style and still head out for your end-of-holiday brunches looking stylish (and in no way hung-over or lacking in sleep). Oh and don’t forget your shades, they hide those eye bags like no concealer could!

Cheers, and may you all have a great 2013.


Leighton Dazzles Again

30 Nov


No, I am not Gossip Girl obsessed! Yes, I like the style of the two lady stars. I also like Miranda and Kate, but no it doesn’t make me crazy. It just makes me a fashion fanatic.
Now that we have established that, here is a latest pic of the gorgeous Leighton at a recent party also attended by the likes of Karlie Kloss.
I am in complete love with her hair style, but even more the tone and cut of her dress. She looks smart and sassy and yet elegant. Her accessories are minimum but her red lips save her from being a bore.
However, you might buy that dress, get that haircut, yet the best way to be as beautiful and attractive as her is to have skin as fresh as hers. Here are three expert tips for glowing skin to help you with that, so you can make your ex repent and your crush drool.
1. Before getting into bed, put two drops honey and and two drops water on your palm and then gently rub your hands on your face. Wash it the next morning. Make this routine a part of your life, and be fresh forever.
2. Mix honey and brown sugar for a rough scrub and wash your face twice a day with it-keep the mix refrigerated in hot weather in an airtight jar!
3. Indulge in water and honey, they are as good for your skin when taken in as when used on it. Also drink green tea for great metabolism and healthier you.
Remember, you look good when you feel good. Eat healthy, don’t over stress and be young forever!

You are what you eat-beauty expert

Happy holidays!

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