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Beckham-Style file!

30 Nov


She has done everything and she has always (excepting those few teeny times) done it right. From being the popular singer in Spice Girls and becoming the punk chic, to marrying David and then to being a muse and a designer, Victoria B has been everywhere, done all of it and over the past couple of years, she has even given us ample reason to respect her style and her labels.
And this look of hers in orange just helps ensure that respect stays intact.
For those of you who don’t know it yet, this orange-sorbet color is by far the color of this season and everyone agrees it looks best with blacks, nudes or dull golds, including Mrs. Beckham herself!
She always has had spunk and spine, and this look just shows the height of her confidence.
I remember watching an interview of hers a year back when she was asked what she thought about getting the most good looking man as her husband, and her reply still makes me proud as a girl. She said, “I believe we both compliment each other perfectly. We look good together.”
If you didn’t get it, she meant I am as good as him. Don’t undermine me!
So, if you believe you are half as strong minded, self respecting or self-confidant as her, get your orange on.
For the weaker lot, here is a tip, start by adding bright orange shoes to your outfit before moving on to accessories, then orange tops and then maybe even the whole thing, but always counter the drama of it with something dark like her black top or something reserved like her dull gold clutch.
Who said there couldn’t be spring in winters? Let’s prove them all wrong!

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