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Night blindness

26 Mar

One of the


steps to take,

are the ones towards

the search of


when pitch black night has taken


in your soul,

and the thought of sunshine


blinding your eyes.



25 Mar

It was when,

the idea of amnesia,

became both scary and


that I knew it was real,

the love that I had,

and the heart break I had


for while the later

tempted me

to forget,

the former made me hold on,


to the memories

that I still wasn’t ready to

let go.


Coming home

6 Mar


She sat under the same old tree,
The branches of it barely sheltering her,
She still smiles but looks melancholy,
Wearing the same shirt, of that deep blue sea.
I walk up to her, as I do every week,
Then walk right past without a word,
She glances at me, she doesn’t speak,
But her dimmed eyes say it all.
There is pain, a loss of will,
And past her most frequent visitor,
Hope is not ready to come back till,
She is ready for the world.
I walk away, not turning back,
Tomorrow maybe I will say something,
Today though the courage I lack,
To comfort her, to convince myself.
In the distance, my abode seems to lure,
The hunger in me, my soul is ready for it,
But the evening out, so fresh so pure,
I am not ready for home, I am not ready to go.

Five must have summer nail colors.

17 May

There is nothing better than your nail color working with your clothes. But if it compliments the weather too? That’s a definite perk. 

Summer calls for different shades in not just your dressing but also in your nail color choices. And while a white tipped mani would always remain my favorite summer pick, here are five nail colors that I love almost just as much (especially for our burning hot Lahori summers). 


The perfect peach.

1. Peach side babe. It stands at that point between coral, pink and peach, where it is both flirty and feminine. And just perfect for tanner skins (like mine), but works just as well for fairer skin. 


Boy next door.


2. Boy next door. It might be its sea-blue calmness or beach-sky freshness, but either ways, this blue seems to be made for the hotter months, making one envision exotic beaches and ice cold cocktails. 


Mermaid’s kiss.


3. Mermaid’s kiss. Not being a shimmer person, this would never have made it into my list if I hadn’t actually tried (and loved) it first hand. Fresh, chic and so perfect for the warm months, it lives up to its draw my name. And then some


Pretty Pink Preserves.


4. Pretty pink preserveres. If pink candy floss was solidified and then added some shine to and liquified to nail polish consistency, you would get this color. And what goes better with summers than candy floss? Candy floss colors, oui? 

5. Crème Abricot. This is the color of my dreams. And, it’s an investment worthy color for its perfect for every season, looking as cute in summers as it does in winters. Plus point? It does with almost anything you wear thanks to its neatral hue. 

LWD-The perfect way to rock it. 

15 May


The dress.

LWDs have been as much a thing as LBDs, both being (fashion) twins born with the difference a few minutes. But what sets them apart, other than the obvious ying yang? The fact, that the all white LWD look is harder to master, but is more of a day to night look than the LBD can ever be. And definitely more ladylike, at least for me. 

When it comes to LWDs though, three things are very important. 


The perfect LWD…


1. Invest in one. Don’t just buy one off the racks. Put some thought and work into it. Talk to your stylish friends, get some expert opinion. Save up if you have to, but, get one that sits at the perfect length, makes you feel your prettiest, and is comfortable to move around in. Don’t worry about the price tag, for the right piece will last as a timeless staple in your wardrobe. And an expert hand at designing is what will help you relish it that much more. 


The pop.


2. Add a pop. Nothing is more boring than a monochrome. Yet nothing more fascinating than a monochrome. It’s all about adding that unexpected pop of color to your look. But just via one piece. Let it be your shoes, earrings or even your nail color. Plus point? Nothing works to set off the all white look than red. It’s my go to for the pop. And a life saver, hence. 


The simplicity.


3. Don’t over do it. From your makeup to your accessories, keep it controlled. Keep your hair simple, your jewelry barely there-just, remember the rule, remove one thing from your look before finally walking out, to ensure you don’t go over board. 

Finally, remember it’s summers. Time to pull off as many all-white looks as you can. 😆

Happy summers,



Feminine Fridays

26 Jul


I think that’s one word I need more in my life.
In fact, that’s one word we all need more in our lives. All, as in, all of us women. Or anyone else who is overly interested, to be honest. I am not a hater judgmental or anything.

I write this post after two years (yeah, I woke up a little late) of research on this particular topic-all aspects of it. Some of the observations I made were funny, but then, some of the articles that I came across were plain LOL-worthy amusing.
Most often, the words “lady like” and “feminine” get confused, which can be overlooked for one can’t go on without the other, but when people mix “femininity”
femininity” with “sexuality” it just gets downright HILARIOUS.
Again, though, let’s give them the benefit of doubt here, because maybe it’s logical that whatever is alluring is sexual and whatever is red is sensual. Pfft. (Google blood, people!)
Yes, femininity in women is attractive. And, research shows, that it’s so because that’s how women were in the more basic of times and when we own something that is such a deep part of us, we conform to our roots. And we become so in sync with ourselves, that confidence is inevitable. And nothing is sexier than self confidence, except maybe Chris Hemsworth a well baked molten lava cake.
For men? It’s again basic human instinct. For, woman is defined to them as being femininity itself in the DNA they inherited from their fore-fathers. Who probably used this as a measure to select their “most suitable” mate. Wow!

However, like always, I digress.

As I was saying, I need a little more of this word to become a part of me. Not that I walk like an ogre or eat like a monkey right now, but for I crave that “delicacy”, that “polish” which comes along with this adjective. Hence, from this Friday onwards, I will try to take up one good tip on being more “feminine” and incorporate it into my life. And, on the way, I will try to document it all here.

Here is this week’s mantra;

Stop slouching. If you can’t hold your own neck up, what respect can you expect from anyone else.

Well. When mommy said it, it didn’t work. Let’s keep our fingers crossed this time.

Catch you soon,


The real girl’s guide to summer style

11 Apr

The real girl's guide to summer style

Let’s face it, leather skirts and jean play-suits, no matter how cute they might be, are not what the “every girl” would like to reach out for when the sun is out on a mission to burn us down to our bones and when staying cool beats ‘looking chic’ on its way to become our top priority.
However, we can’t let that happen, can we? We refuse to give in to the heat and become sad enough to not bother about how we look. That’s for the faint hearted. Not for those who still want to hold on to their self esteem. Not for those who prefer a challenge.
So, when the question was put to stylish women who seem to pull off the ‘laid back summer chic’ look to perfection, here is what we got-a list of go to, fool proof looks sure to leave you looking chic no matter how hot it is outside.

Festival ready.

Festival ready.

1. The ‘Coachella’. Inspired by festival dressing there is an obvious reason this look comes into limelight in these summer months. Two words-short and comfortable. Anything in your wardrobe living up to those words is perfect for this look. Crop tops, short shorts, huge hats and flats with bright and catchy accessories and satchel bags will complete this look for you making it perfect for the laziest and warmest of days.



2. Back to basics. White tees, blue jeans, mini skirts, collared shirts, bright bags and big sunnies-you get the picture right? Keep it minimal, yet add a touch of yourself via the accessories or a bold statement on your shirt and you are good to go.

The Bohemian.

The Bohemian.

3. The Bohemian. This look is not just the easiest to pull off but it also allows you to be at complete ease while keeping you from getting too hot. All you need for this look is an eye-catching, breezy maxi dress with dainty sandals and as much arm candy as you can take coupled with the up-do of your choice. And, just add your favorite shades, for that extra something.

Fear not the shear.

Fear not the shear.

4. Go shear. And feel just as sexy as you would like, while staying cool. 😉

Tunic fantasies.

Tunic fantasies.

5. The tunic. Tunics have to be the best and most investment worthy item for this summer season. Light, loose, sexy and versatile, your wardrobe is just begging to have some of these. Couple them with jeans, shorts or even tights and they would give a different finish every time.

6. Pastel affairs. You can’t go wrong with this look. You just can’t, for there can not be a better combination then these ice-cream reminding colors and summer.

Midi love.

Midi love.

7. Midi-love. These stylish, ‘airy’ and easy to carry skirts are perfect for those days when even the touch of cloth on your legs seems like too much to handle. To make it perfect, couple it with a crop top.

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