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It’s one of those days!

30 Nov


I have been down that path,
So believe me when I say,
It’s not worth your time nor the pain,
Just climb out, just leave, don’t stay.
The cold in there might whisper incarnations,
Then Your heart might just fall in love with the dark,
Leave before your mind decides,
The quite is better then the music of the lark.
Don’t say, you can’t try,
Don’t say it’s not worth the effort,
Don’t say you feel too week,
Don’t, please don’t, say you are too hurt.
Your heart will heel,
But not down this road,
Turn around, come with me,
I will show you the world.
Look at the butterfly flutter,
It’s colors will spread in the air,
Run in the fields with no shoes,
Breathe in, smell, feel the wind in your hair.
Look at how the moon shines,
The twinkling lights around it so fine,
Look at the forms of the clouds,
Hear the wolf whine.
Touch, the tree, feel its wooden bark,
Then you will see, how soft can the flowers feel,
Don’t let their thorns scare you away,
Stay and some fireflies we can steal.
Have you ever stood,
In the warmth of a flowing stream,
On a sunny day please,
Let’s lie in the lush grass and dream.
We can walk the roads that lead to the South,
We can sail across oceans, fly to countries far,
But please, oh, please don’t go,
Down that path to the bar.
It will take you right back, away again
It will steal you from us, why don’t you hear,
I can’t lose you, you can’t leave me,
Drop that bottle you hold so dear,
What can glass, what can liquor, what can wine,
Give to you that I can’t, what you won’t
Take from me, your sorrows, I know,
Are deep, but now it’s me they haunt.
Let it go, I will make us new memories,
For the old ones can forever be buried,
Dear, you need a funeral,
But one that’s not too hurried.
I offer you me, I offer the world,
say goodbye to those dark sighs,
Throw away the bottle,
Because, when you come out the bar,
I will be right here to help with the goodbyes!

Shoes-by Aldo!;-)

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