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Night blindness

26 Mar

One of the


steps to take,

are the ones towards

the search of


when pitch black night has taken


in your soul,

and the thought of sunshine


blinding your eyes.



25 Mar

It was when,

the idea of amnesia,

became both scary and


that I knew it was real,

the love that I had,

and the heart break I had


for while the later

tempted me

to forget,

the former made me hold on,


to the memories

that I still wasn’t ready to

let go.


Coming home

6 Mar


She sat under the same old tree,
The branches of it barely sheltering her,
She still smiles but looks melancholy,
Wearing the same shirt, of that deep blue sea.
I walk up to her, as I do every week,
Then walk right past without a word,
She glances at me, she doesn’t speak,
But her dimmed eyes say it all.
There is pain, a loss of will,
And past her most frequent visitor,
Hope is not ready to come back till,
She is ready for the world.
I walk away, not turning back,
Tomorrow maybe I will say something,
Today though the courage I lack,
To comfort her, to convince myself.
In the distance, my abode seems to lure,
The hunger in me, my soul is ready for it,
But the evening out, so fresh so pure,
I am not ready for home, I am not ready to go.

Counting my way to the next sunrise

15 Feb


Some days start,
their end comes so smoothly,

Like the blink of an eye,
a smile on a sunny day,

Some mornings they begin,
you count till it is dark,

The lights dim out,
the way they have inside you,

and the seconds are years,
never ending, yet instantaneous when they end.


I lost you, so I lost some part of me…

24 Jan

I have lost you, so I lost some part of me

I am a kind of girl who usually prides herself on her tight reign of her emotions. Not only can I usually control what feelings of mine, what side of me, which people can see but I can also keep myself from sentiments that make me too sad, too angry, too emotional!
But now and then I succumb to some assault on my sensitive side, which grows huge and in those days (or hours) and I feel everything a billion times multiplied.
Unfortunately, today is one of those days. This is one of those hours. And, somehow, its worse then it has ever been.
Why, you must be thinking, is she feeling down today? Why letting her feelings take over? What has pushed her beyond her limits?
The answer is one word that means so much and yet can mean nothing at all. Its a word that can change your life, that can make you smile, that can give reason to why you wake up most days. The answer is simple and yet so complicated, easy and yet the hardest thing in the world.
The answer is one word cherished universally, and that word is, friendship.
How beautifully mystifying and how misleadingly charming this word is, isn’t it? And yet the most lethal too.
However, its damage can go so much deeper, like a knife through your heart, if that friend was not just a friend, rather a best friend.
When the operative word becomes “was”, a part of you leaves you and walks away just as that person walks away, leaving you, taking away a little more of your innocence, removing the fogs from your eyes. Showing you the harsh reality.
The anger, the resentment in me makes me want to vow never to love a friend like I did this one. Never to cherish them like I did this one. Never to let them become as important a part of my life as I did this one.
But that’s unrealistic, that’s not humanly possible. And that’s something I know I cant do.
Then what is realistic?
In my set of mind right now I do not think I can sanely, logically differentiate between what is and what is not possible. Still,even in this frame of mind, I know this much-I will have to move on, I will have to forgive and forget.
And I will make myself vulnerable to the world once again. Because there is no life without risk, no joy without exposing yourself.
But then, maybe there could be some other solutions too.
Time will tell, as it will heal.
And till then I will wait, as patiently as I can!


Peach and Stripes

19 Jan


What do you do when you are in love with too many things at the same time? Do you just leave done and go on with the rest or do you carry them all along? The question has always confused me, but then I look at other people and it becomes so clear.
That’s the key word. We have to stop somewhere in the middle. You carry too much with you, you will fall under its weight (read:imagine those people with a thousand things going on with their outfit-BLEKH). But if you leave too much behind, then you miss out on a lot. You will always be bare, empty! Minimalistic is good, but not good enough. A pair of jeans and white tee might be easy to carry around, but if you just add a bright blazer and nice heels, you will feel so much better, you will look outstanding.
So that’s what I do now, I keep that balance, in every walk of my life.
But recently I fell in live, I fell in love with peach and with stripes too. And I was down in the dumps for a week trying to get a balance between the two. And then, FINALLY, I figured it out!
I can wear peach today, style my stripes tomorrow! And the day after, I will wear a peach top with a black and white striped jacket and nude skinnies.
Then wouldn’t I feel like the queen of the world? I would feel like a genius too!

So, I end this post with a favorite quote,
“Top your ice-cream with sprinkles and chocolate! Don’t end up topping your sprinkles with ice-cream!”


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