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The black dress just got SEXIER

29 Nov

Unlike the popular vote, my favourite girl on Gossip Girl isn’t the scheming good girl, Blair Waldorf, as cute as she might be. Rather it has always been Serena Van Der Woodsen with her hot dresses, her great looks and her often notoriously famous affairs.
So when she puts on a black dress, expect nothing less then bone melting sizzles from her and, despite her turn for being the good girl, she didn’t disappoint.
Here she is marching out of a gala, after hearing some not so great news, with her expressions delectably apprehensive, her gold locks in a side braid and that long, lust-worthy figure wrapped in the black dress modestly enough to catch your eye, but her curves highlighted enough, her long legs prominent enough, to make you hold your breath!
Don’t you just wish that you too could exude such controlled sexiness with that careful veneer of chic elegance?
Well I do!
And I am already looking for a black dress just like that!
Who says LBDs are a wardrobe essential, this long black one just became mine! What about you?


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