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Some oh-so-sexy candy!

18 Jan
Some nice candy!

Eye Candy fo sho!! Eye Candy fo sho!!

I am down in the dumps, thanks to my amazing study schedule and ‘sex bomb’ university. So, here I am, surfing the net (read: stalking every possible thing on this planet) and making myself feel better by some (ahm) eye candy.
Here is some for you to share too!

Too adorb!! Too adorb!![/caption]

P.S. I don’t like sharing TOO much though! 😉






2012 on its hot legs!

24 Dec


People say 2012 took too much from them. Then there are those who thought that it was the best year of their lives.
Whichever one you were, here is a stylish reminder of that which 2012 gifted to us and brightened our lives with. Or at least of a momentous style milestone it handed us.
What, you ask, was that?
The jean revolution!
Jeans-the lacquered ones, the brocades, the metallics, the corduroy’s, the velvet ones, the floral ones, the striped ones, the laced ones, the leather cropped ones, the ones with stripes on side and the forest greens, the acid washed wine ones, even the ones with inspiring words all over them-each and everyone of them that got introduced this year, this post is an ode to them.
There are those who would argue that some of these were in the market long before, but I will just give an easy reply-they gained their amazing popularity just this year!
The metamorphosis of our style from the reserved “blue jeans and white shirt” to the catchy brocade covered legs, it all happened here in 2012. It happened in our generation, doesn’t that just sound amazing?
We watched something beautiful happen to the fashion scene, something big, and were a part of it too.
So, my thanks to 2012 for the craziest fashions in jeans. Oh, and to 7 for All Mankind too, because they played a fantabulous role in making this beautiful fashion change come into being! It was them that made these jeans more accessible so the legacy could be carried on!

P.S. which jean style from this year was your favorite?




Art of elegant sensuality

29 Nov


David Bellemere does it again! He photographed this model for Vogue Paris and the way he has captured her bold sensuality in that elegant attire, the life in her posture, the joy in her stride and the thoughtfulness in her expression-it’s all just priceless.
He has been one of my favourites since a long time now. But this might just put him somewhere in the top of that list.
He has this uncanny ability to capture sexuality in every woman, no matter the setting, while simultaneously giving them a soft, romantic touch. And at the same time adding a story to the picture.
This particular photograph is so inspiring, it’s making me think of all kinds of stories as to where she is coming from, whom she is going to, what time of the day it is and so on and so forth.
To tell you the truth, I am itching to write a whole story on her, leading her to and away from this photograph!
But if I do it or not, that I am not sure of yet, what I am sure of is this-I am going to save up and buy one of his originals.
What do you think, do you like his work? Here are some more photographs to help you decide!20121129-171920.jpg20121129-171939.jpg



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