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3 DIY masks for healthy hair

22 Apr

My mother (and hers, and hers before her) have always had gorgeous hair and always get compliments for how healthy and lush they look!

I believe almost all of the credit goes to how they take care of their hair! I don’t remember a single weekend, growing up, when my mother wasn’t putting on one home-made hair mask or another on her hair. And she always tells me that it is their use that has allowed her hair to remain soft and shiny till now! That, and eating healthy!

Here are three DIY masks that I have seen her using a lot, and that I love the results of when I make the effort of using them too!


For dry hair!

  1. For when your hair feels dry:-

    This one is a favorite, because after this mask my hair feel so good to touch and are so silky and smooth that I don’t even have to style them. They look perfect as they are!
    What you need:
    -7 strawberries
    -1 egg yolk
    _1.5 tbsp Olive oil
    How to:
    Blend all the ingredients and leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes before washing your hair. Not only will you be able to skip your conditioner but your hair will smell delicious!

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    Turmeric hair mask

  2. For when your hair needs that extra nourishment:-

    I use this when I feel very guilty of how (badly) I have been treating my hair! I feel like this gives my hair the perfect pick-me-up, and says a little “I am sorry” from me!
    What you need:
    -1 tbsp turmeric powder
    -3 tbsp yogurt
    -1 tbsp oil (olive or coconut)
    How to:
    Mix the ingredients together well, leave on for 30-40 minutes and wash off. You might need to shampoo twice to get all of the turmeric out!


    Avocado mask

  3. For when your hair feels too dull:

    This mask will give your hair both a nice shine and the right amount of softness. Plus it uses one of my favorite ingredients-avocado!
    What you need:
    -1 ripe avocado
    -1 tbsp oil (coconut or olive)
    -1 tsp honey
    How to:
    Smash the avocado, and mix in the other ingredients.
    Leave the mask in your hair for 15-20 minutes and then wash it out. You can add more oil if you feel the need, but remember that might mean shampooing your hair twice to get all the oil out!

I hope you try these masks out and they are as helpful to you as they have been to the women in my family.
Lots of love,


Five Things

23 Jun

Coffee from our favorite cafe.

Going out for coffee with my sister at least once a week has turned into such a pleasant ritual, that I find myself praying that we never have to give it up. Which is an unrealistic wish, seeing that the probability of oceans separating us in the future is quiet high. So, instead I find myself making the most out of these hang outs, where we unwind, sharing our notes over how the week went, discussing everything from fashion to politics to (yes I will admit) people! We can enjoy these sittings anywhere, I suppose, but cute coffee shops somehow always add to their charm. 


 But we also make sure to dress up for the little meet ups. Make an effort, so that they don’t lose their importance. Maybe because both of us realise how precious these memories would be in our future. Maybe we both realise how temporary this set up is. Sow we both make the most of it. 

This wallet from Michael Kors is 😍!


Night time rituals that help me sleep

25 Dec

I miss sleeping like this.

I am an insomniac. But not really.

Starting from my O’levels till the first year of my med-school I was a through and through insomniac. I would go days without getting more than an hour or two of shut eye and four to five hours of sleep was my max.

And while as a med student it should have been a blessing. it really wasn’t. on fact-like any insomniac would tell you-it sucked.
You are tired all the time, but you cant sleep. ” I need to sleep, but I cant for there are three thousand things clogging my mind, yet I am not fresh enough to study for it wont even retain, so I might as well just lie here and stare at the roof…” and on goes the monologue.

It was apparent that I needed to do something, make a change, go to a doctor-anything, to be honest-which would help me sleep. So I began asking around, began researching, for tips and tricks to help me. I came across the worst of them, the funniest, the creepiest-but in the midst of it all, I came across tricks that actually did help me. Here are six of the best of them.

1. Put it away.
I used to go to my bed as I would go to an island I was about to be stranded on. Prepared. My mobile charged, my laptop revved, with snacks on the bedside and the novel I was reading that week with me.
I had a ritual of blogging in bed followed by some Insta-ing and then I would read till the words blurred-but I couldn’t fall asleep even then. But once I had gotten the same tip from every direction, to “not to take my gadgets to the bed”, I finally gave it a try. I began by leaving my laptop in another room, so I wouldn’t be tempted to reach for it. Then I stopped taking my novels to bed and began the habit of putting my phone on charging cutting it off before I felt too drowsy. And it has helped. All of it. All the gadget use was interrupting my sleep patterns, and the continuous retinal excitement was not letting my brain shut off. But without the added stimuli, the sleep takes over more easily.

2. Cut off the caffeine.
No, I am not talking about decreasing your cups ( I haven’t much yet mastered the art of that), rather I am suggesting to avoid it later in the day-along with heavy dinners-right before you go to bed.
I try not to have anything that’s stimulating after 7pm (for me that includes coke and energy drinks too) and try not to go to bed with a full stomach, for both make sleeping harder and the former keeps my neuronal circuits too jittery for me to feel calm.

3. Take a soothing bath.
This is one of the few things that you should do before going to bed, but I used to do the opposite. However, the habit of bathing later in the day has helped me a lot. I don’t know if it is the warmth of childhood memories (being put into a warm ironed night dress after a long bath) or if it’s my tiring bathing routine, but either ways, it feels nice and relaxing getting into bed after a bath.

4. The bed is for relaxing.
We associate things with not just past memories, but the emotions we were undergoing when we were interacting with them or when we were in particular environment. Prepare for exams enough in your bed, and it stops being inviting despite its soft warmth. Instead it entices tension in you. Stay lying awake thinking through your problems, and anxiety will become your most frequent bed partner. So next time, you are thinking through something hard, preparing for a test or just fighting off a bad mood, this is another reason why you shouldn’t take any of it to bed. Your bed is just for relaxing, let it stay so in your subconscious.

5. Keep the clocks away.
Staring at the time or checking it every ten minutes isn’t going to be any help, rather it will make it all worse. It does for me, for it is either too late and it seems pointless to sleep then or it is too early and sleeping then seems ‘childish’.

6. Tailor you therapy.
Some things work for you, some don’t. So you need to ensure the final therapy is specific for you. For me a welcoming environment grew essential and I looked to through the rooms of my favorite get away for inspiration. I got bedding that was comfortable, easy on the eyes and tugged at my heart (and which I always spritz with me favorite perfume). I added some lighting that reminded my of the said rooms and added some scented candles (aroma therapy is the best) which are just brilliant to wake up to. And lastly? I try and go to bed happy, which works like magic.

Happy sleeping.

Love thyself.

22 May


When I was a young girl, I read a line in one of my favorite books that has somehow stuck with me since then, or rather the last words in it have-“love is hard”.
I though I understood it, but I was wrong. Only age and experience really tells you how hard love is. Really tells you the depth of those words.
And it’s not only the romantic kind we are talking about here. No.
Love in all it’s forms-that for your friends, your siblings, your parents-is at the end of the day a strenuous task. And, as it is such a part of our daily lives, it’s neither inevitable nor abhor-able. It’s bittersweet in its pain. What the question ends up being is, if the bitter overpowers the sweet or vice versa.
The answer to that can only truly help you finally decide if it’s worth trying for more or should you give up.
But that’s the catch. You can never really give up, you can never really move on. What you can do is leave a piece of yourself behind and try to repress the need to go rushing back to that particular part. Repress your longings, your memories.
And hold with two hands, in fact your whole body, the door to that part closed forever.
So, no matter how easily we tell each other, “Give up. Move on. They aren’t worth it!”-both parties know that is not just hard, it’s partly not possible.
You might give up on a relation, but you can’t hold back the longing of the “what if”. You might move on, but a part of your mind is still mingled in what was, what you tried to make it be. And as you turn your back on it, your battered feelings will mourn what they lost and the hollowness in you will whisper that maybe it was worth it. Maybe you gave up too soon. Maybe…
But we can either let ourselves be stuck in relationships destined for doom, keep showering our love where it isn’t deserved and keep ourselves open to the hurt of being rejected in those million ways which people who have power over our hearts have mastered the art of doing.
Or we can accept the truth. What is that? It’s the fact that although our love for them will never be eradicated from us, although even the bitter moments with them our heart prizes and even though our mind keeps conjuring up the “what if” scenarios, it’s best to walk away with the little self respect we still have, with the little good in our relationships still intact rather then letting it all be marred by the darkness of pain and failure. To give up before the rejection is our undoing.
For when we do so, when we walk away before the tsunami of emotions was to destroy one or both of the parties we leave with a better chance of it working sometime in the future and most importantly we leave with some of our self love intact.
Because no love is harder then self love, none more scorned and bad-mouthed by the society.
None more important than it.
So protect yourself, your emotions, your sanity and walk away before it’s too late.
When you do, with the pain will be hope of another maybe.
Maybe in future we will be better, and till then you will be happy that you respected your own self.
If you can’t say those last words to yourself, the damage will be much worse then can be imagined. And you would have lost upon the most necessary love of all.

Love. Yourself. Be happy.

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