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Night blindness

26 Mar

One of the


steps to take,

are the ones towards

the search of


when pitch black night has taken


in your soul,

and the thought of sunshine


blinding your eyes.


25 Mar

It was when,

the idea of amnesia,

became both scary and


that I knew it was real,

the love that I had,

and the heart break I had


for while the later

tempted me

to forget,

the former made me hold on,


to the memories

that I still wasn’t ready to

let go.


Coming home

6 Mar


She sat under the same old tree,
The branches of it barely sheltering her,
She still smiles but looks melancholy,
Wearing the same shirt, of that deep blue sea.
I walk up to her, as I do every week,
Then walk right past without a word,
She glances at me, she doesn’t speak,
But her dimmed eyes say it all.
There is pain, a loss of will,
And past her most frequent visitor,
Hope is not ready to come back till,
She is ready for the world.
I walk away, not turning back,
Tomorrow maybe I will say something,
Today though the courage I lack,
To comfort her, to convince myself.
In the distance, my abode seems to lure,
The hunger in me, my soul is ready for it,
But the evening out, so fresh so pure,
I am not ready for home, I am not ready to go.

The year that was.

1 Jan

Plans for 2017

I had planned to write down, in what I was sure would be a very long list, all that I had lost in 2016, all that I had suffered.

I’d planned to write it out before 2017 began and to then cut off my ties with it all.

But when I finally got down to the writing, I could not help but concentrate on the positives. Finding good in things that had seemed unbearable when I was living through them, finally coming to a point where I could embrace all the memories, even those marred by various factors, just by separating the negative from them and focusing on the good they had brought to me.

It is true indeed that when we look at our past we do so through a rosy filter, where everything feels prettier than it really was.

But this was different because one little realization changed my perspective on all that had happened to me in the year that was; I was being thankless for the wonderful things I had achieved and experienced this year because I was too busy concentrating on the little inconsequential things that no more deserved my worrying..

I got so much of what I had been praying for. Internships abroad, travelling on my own, living alone oceans away from my family and making the most out of it, surviving without needing any crutches with my loved ones in different time zones, making new friends, holding on tighter to older ones and getting rid of those who were bringing only negativity in my life. I got through into my final year of med-school, I made huge progress on the book I am writing, I sketched more, I partook in surgeries and I got a chance to work with amazing surgeons. And with all of that, I lived to make my moral code stronger.

Above all, though, I feel in the past few years I’d begun to lose touch with who I was and what I wanted to be. My goals had become blurred and I’d begun to lose the rational part of myself to the emotional one. And to sit here today, seeing everything so clearly-my goals, myself and where I want to go-I am thankful to whatever forces in the world were the cause that I found my way back to myself. I fear if I hadn’t now, I would always have been lost and hence the dissatisfaction I’d begun to think was a part of me would have been my companion for life.

2016 has taught me so many lessons, lessons that maybe came the hard way, but they are ones that I hope will make 2017 better and easier for me.

So, I bid adieu to 2016, a stronger person, with more dreams in my head but with a steadier tread.

For now though, I will go be infinitely cliché and write down that usual round of resolutions that I won’t ever get around to achieving. In the meanwhile, I would love to hear from you as to what you learned from 2016 and what your resolutions for 2017 are.

Until next time, ever yours,





“My dreamland.”

29 Mar


I know, you don’t have to say it, I was supposed to keep up with the series I started and, obviously, I should be killed because I didn’t.
But, here is the honest truth, I have the second part written and edited and ready to be published. However, I can’t, not yet. For somehow all the three things on that list I either ended up getting or I realized it wasn’t one for me. And I will have to rewrite it.
That, though, isn’t why I am here writing this. Rather I want to share with you some amazing news.
This week started on a very confusing note for me. I was in an emotional roller coaster moving from excitement, to anxiety, to self-doubt, to sadness and even up to depression and then free-falling down into a blissful state of happiness. The reasons for all of that? In no particular order, it included, my brother’s continuing visit, great news about a friend’s relationship status, another on one’s career platform, the dread of the said brother’s departure back to USA the same week, an impromptu trip out of city and the best of outcomes to the same visit.
That’s just the summarized version, yet I mention this all for it would let you know how utterly beautiful it was to have a week that started on such an awkward end to be leaving me with such an amazing sense of happiness, relief and, maybe above all, excitement.
The reason to that? The whole thing will be a surprise but I can tell you this, I got my visa approved to go to what I like to call “the land of dreams”. And I can’t wait to go there this very summer even though I will have to take some time off from my university.
But, honestly, life is about prioritizing and as the trip involves not just a wish coming true but a loved family member, it’s clear to see where my priority lies.
Honestly, I am so happy right now that I can’t even type calmly. And neither can I wait to tell you about the country I am going to.
But, till I can, pray that the last of complexities work out smoothly. And understand that I tell you this for you all mean that much to me.

Love all of you,


5 steps to a sexier you.

9 Nov


Feeling unsure about yourself and the presentation that’s due this Monday? Find yourself being held back from cute flirtations and sassy comebacks when facing your crush? Being unable to show your full potential at workplace despite knowing you are better then that no-good, barely clothed little *lut who got the promotion you deserved?
All you need, love, is a small dose of confidence with a pinch of sexy and a good night’s sleep. Don’t believe me? Then try these five tried and tested ways next time you are faced with an important event and want to leave a lasting impression. And then tell me if I was wrong. At the risk of sounding overconfident, I am sure you wouldn’t be able to for these 5 tricks I didn’t just come across in books or magazines. Rather I picked them out from my own experiences and from my friends’.


1. Start with the basics. That means that before you go picking up the dress and the shoes, polish the base you want to work on for if your groundwork is strong, anything that you build on it would work perfectly. This means, get yourself a good relaxing day at a spa. The glow that comes with a good full body massage and the self-assured confidence that builds inside with a facial and the works-I can’t stress how far it goes in boosting your fresh-faced sexiness. A relaxed vibe just oozes out from you drawing others to you. We are our most productive when happy and most alluring when we send out positive vibes. Hence, all this put together would be a giant leap towards a more intriguing you.


2. Shape the framework. You are loving how calm and relaxed you feel. The happy vibes are already making others smile at you. Now the next step is giving all that relaxed goodness a mesmerizing shape. Not for the others, but for your own eyes when you look in the mirror. So ditch those practicable ‘undergarments’ you got from Primark because “who cares what you are wearing underneath during a presentation” (that’s just self depreciating attitude) and invest in sensual and satiny-smooth ‘lingerie’. Honestly, sexy underwear is not, and shouldn’t be, just for your bed partner. When you slip into that alluring little secret of yours and see yourself looking like a sex-goddess in the mirror you will carry that image with you all day, and keep feeling infinitely confident. That and knowing that you have the power to look so hot, knowing your little secret under all your clothes, will inevitably add a devilish spark to your eyes and a cockiness to your behavior that would interest anyone and everyone, drawing in all those that come in contact with you.


3. Add the final coats. Now that the basic framework is all set and shaped, all you have to do is cover it so as to highlight the best of its assets. It is like when you take a pic, you pose in a profile that you are sure would make you look your best. In the same way, dress so as to highlight the best of you. That doesn’t make you weak. It just means that when you are standing talking to that hottie down at Starbucks you aren’t worrying at the same time that your tummy is protruding out from your tight tee in a very unsexy manor. Instead you will be sure that the well fitting and modestly cut top is showing off your body nicely but leaving something to his imagination. And knowing that would let you feel in power, hence, immediately boosting your confident. And there is nothing sexier then a confident lady and nothing is a worse tell of an uncomfortable one then a woman constantly fidgeting with her clothes. So wear what you are comfortable in. That, however, doesn’t mean you go out in your sweats or granny pants, or those boxy dresses that show off nothing and look like big brown parcel bags. Boring, annoying and off-putting. Like your legs? Show them off in tight jeans or a short dress (not too short though). Show off your arms in a sleeveless jumpsuit or your eyes with popping eye makeup. Your colleagues or friends might not notice exactly what you are “showing off” but they wouldn’t be proof against the confidence that you will ooze out in doing so.


4. Strut it out. High heels. Those two words put me in a better mood then anything else can. And used to make me feel like a sexy hottie back when I didn’t even know how to walk on them. Girls love their shoes. But heels. Oh my god! I have surveyed so many women and the higher the heels the sexier they come off as. You can see them prancing, posing, literally using the world as a ramp and that’s how it should be. Ditch those boring flats. Take my word, and that of my friends, that even an inch high heel leaves you feeling hotter then the 4th of July fireworks. If you don’t know how to walk in them-practice. Because there isn’t any substitute for the sassiness they bring. When you are out their conquering the men’s world, these heels will feel like a stronger armor then any other.


5. Add the final touches. No, it’s not the makeup that counts as those touches, though some women do feel stronger behind the mask of foundations and lipsticks, we suggest you keep that as natural looking as possible and rather work on your stance and your expressions. Are you a habitual “frowny-pants”? Do you come off as haughty and unapproachable or do you hunch up when you stand? Then practice that smile of yours, ask a friend to tell you to stand (or sit) straight whenever you begin to slouch. Practice walking with a long, assured stride and stand with an open, inviting posture. The bases you have laid with the above four steps would already let you feel and appear as very sexy, very captivating and very covetable.


Now you just need to appear approachable and there you would have it. The perfect, elusively attractive woman.
Or a guide to being one.
Here is to hoping these tips work as well for you as they did for others who followed them.

And a bonus tip? Don’t always take others words to heart. Some criticism is constructive and you use it as that. Other times, just let it in one ear and out the other, and then go on to be your super hot, super alluring self.

You know I love you.


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