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Coming home

6 Mar


She sat under the same old tree,
The branches of it barely sheltering her,
She still smiles but looks melancholy,
Wearing the same shirt, of that deep blue sea.
I walk up to her, as I do every week,
Then walk right past without a word,
She glances at me, she doesn’t speak,
But her dimmed eyes say it all.
There is pain, a loss of will,
And past her most frequent visitor,
Hope is not ready to come back till,
She is ready for the world.
I walk away, not turning back,
Tomorrow maybe I will say something,
Today though the courage I lack,
To comfort her, to convince myself.
In the distance, my abode seems to lure,
The hunger in me, my soul is ready for it,
But the evening out, so fresh so pure,
I am not ready for home, I am not ready to go.


Hello world!

2 Nov

Hello world!.

Friends, lovers, fashionistas, photographers, stylists-whoever you are or whatever you consider yourself to be-I welcome you to the start of a journey of a lifetime revolving around dreams, aspirations, as much mine as yours. This blog isn’t going to be just a daily diary, nor an outlet of just my thoughts but it’s going to be a combined effort of all our dreams and all our views. This is our time, and I want to make it all the more so.

Why, you ask, should we be interested in this blog when there are billions other there? What makes this one any different? Well other then the obvious that everyone is special and different and hence their blogs must be too let me state a couple of other reasons-one being that this is not going to be just about fashion tips and latest street styles nor is it gonna be stuffed with book reviews about the latest best sellers, rather it’s going to be everything in between and more. And second, because love, you just don’t wanna miss out on this sh….!

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