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Night blindness

26 Mar

One of the


steps to take,

are the ones towards

the search of


when pitch black night has taken


in your soul,

and the thought of sunshine


blinding your eyes.



25 Mar

It was when,

the idea of amnesia,

became both scary and


that I knew it was real,

the love that I had,

and the heart break I had


for while the later

tempted me

to forget,

the former made me hold on,


to the memories

that I still wasn’t ready to

let go.


Coming home

6 Mar


She sat under the same old tree,
The branches of it barely sheltering her,
She still smiles but looks melancholy,
Wearing the same shirt, of that deep blue sea.
I walk up to her, as I do every week,
Then walk right past without a word,
She glances at me, she doesn’t speak,
But her dimmed eyes say it all.
There is pain, a loss of will,
And past her most frequent visitor,
Hope is not ready to come back till,
She is ready for the world.
I walk away, not turning back,
Tomorrow maybe I will say something,
Today though the courage I lack,
To comfort her, to convince myself.
In the distance, my abode seems to lure,
The hunger in me, my soul is ready for it,
But the evening out, so fresh so pure,
I am not ready for home, I am not ready to go.

Counting my way to the next sunrise

15 Feb


Some days start,
their end comes so smoothly,

Like the blink of an eye,
a smile on a sunny day,

Some mornings they begin,
you count till it is dark,

The lights dim out,
the way they have inside you,

and the seconds are years,
never ending, yet instantaneous when they end.

Planning the perfect NYE

30 Dec

Celebrate it with those who love you.

I am a big fan of planning parties. God, the high I get out of planning and hosting them, I earnestly believe in another life I was an event manager. If my college routine wasn’t so demanding, I probably would still have started it as a side business.But as the latter isn’t possible, I make do by throwing parties for friends.

And NYE seemed like a perfect occasion (ahm-excuse-ahm) to host another. But as I sat there making a list of ideas, I thought of how I celebrated last NYE and although the memory put a bittersweet smile on my face I realized something.

Of all the people I had rung in the new year with last year, fifty percent don’t matter to me any more, in fact I haven’t talked to some in a long while and the others I don’t think I want to talk to ever. (Is there a way to say that without sounding like a hater?)

And that’s when epiphany of all epiphanies hit me.


Celebrate it with those you love.

I don’t want the main events of my life to be crowded by people who will sooner or later become so insignificant that I wont even think of them in weeks or months at a stretch; but more, I don’t want any of them to be marred by the memory of people whose reminder is stressful or hurtful in any way. Or just plain disgusting (again I say this at the risk of sounding like a harsh, cold person but I am not one, honestly).

In fact, I want only those there who are and have been constants in my life, who have remained by my side year after year, accepting the best and worst in me and still loving me, supporting me. Sticking to my side and being there for me when I needed them, giving a kind word as required, pushing me to give my best.

I have nothing against fair weather…people(?)-but on milestones, on big days, on the memorable events of my life, I want those there whose memory wont be hard in any way, those who will lift me up rather than bringing me down, those who bring me flowers when I am sick and tell me to straighten my shit out (excuse the language) when I am in a rut.

So this NYE, try doing it all a little different. Reach out to the ones who really matter, more-reach out to the ones who mattered five or ten years ago and who you think will do so as many years later too. Most importantly, this NYE, reach out to the ones to whom you matter and ring in the new year with them. 

At least that is what in my head is the perfect way to celebrate NYE this year and what I am planning to do.

I want only those people around me who won’t judge me, those I can let my shields down around, the ones who make my life better by just being there, those who never fail to be there when I have turned to them.

The ones I believe at times that I am not even worthy of to have in my life (yup, I am talking about those special ones).

These are your real family. No matter if these are your childhood friends, your highschool best friends,  your cousins, your ‘bae’, your siblings-they define family. This holiday season hold on to them just that much tighter and welcome the new year with them-call them over, go to them and if they are too far off, use Skype, use Facetime-virtually or not, celebrate it all with them this year. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Afterall, what could be better than to get to celebrate it with your ‘family’, no? Question is, are you up for it?

In the end I will only say this-happy holidays, you all.

P.S. If I don’t get to post over the weekend, cheers to everyone out there.

And a Happy New Year.


Way forward

26 Dec


To end this
Are as lost as
My will
To begin;
The oceans
I might have
But this river
Another story;
Eludes me
Like a shy bride
I await
For it to take me
Its arms.

10 things-that turn off women.

4 Jul


We all have quirks. We all love said quirks in different forms in others. However, there are certain things that result in the natural gag reflex from us within a second. Or, to put it delicately, that disgust us. We women have our own list of such remarkable attributes too, just like men do (yes, we all know about your obsession with white teeth and curvy tall girls) which we love…to avoid.
Astonishingly, when I asked around what would be a turn off for women, or what would be the deciding factor for them when it came to their attraction (or the end of it) towards the opposite sex, I found too many similarities in their answers, and yet too many differences.
So, rather than counting off each “unacceptable flaw” for you, I will give you a list of my ten favorite answers to, “what, in a man, would turn you off?”, from ten completely different women.

“That guy over there? One with the fake smile and crap fashion sense? Embodiment of what would make me run away.” Diju, student, 22.

“Over-ambition. They are the ones who never get anywhere. And too much chest hair.” Sara, fashion intern, 23.

“Too much hair (chest-or anywhere for that matter-except on their heads). Acne. The list goes on. Oh, and I hate boys wearing jewelry.” S, student, 21.

“Gossiping guys-worse than any ‘Mean Girl’ nightmare I tell you. And, lack of hygiene. Cringeworthy! “ Rabia, writer/single (that’s how she wanted it.)

“My answer puts all men off the acceptable list, maybe, but lack of gentlemanly manners. The ‘ladies first’, ‘will walk you to the car’, ‘will take care of you’ attitude that’s been missing, that’s a huge turn off. “ Zee, architect-to-be, 23.

“Short men. Fat men. Gay men (you know the type). Hairy men. Lazy men. Still, worst amongst them would be those who have the audacity to joke unfeelingly about my gender in front of me. Get a life guys. ” Noor, photography enthusiast, 23.

“Lack of self respect. That doesn’t mean narcism is attractive either. Both are equally repulsive. Fattee, engineer, 27.

“Short height. ‘Nuff said. ” Nash, interior design internee, 19.

“The wannabe fashionistas. I mean, are you kidding me? Just suit up, bro.” Rida, lawyer (in the making), 22.

“Food falling out of their mouths when they eat.” M, student, 21.

And here is one extra, because I just couldn’t keep it to ten and because I personally agree with it completely.

“Guys that curse too much.” Anz, student, 21.

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