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Five shoes to lust over

17 Apr

This week’s theme for five things is on a topic close to the hearts of many girls-shoes!

Here are five shoes that aren’t just drool worthy but also ones that we urge you to add to your summer wardrobes as soon as you can!

  1. The ones for all your ‘lawn jodas’:-


    They are elegant and versatile, perfect for the hot weather and don’t take a toll on your wallet!
    Buy them or more like these here!

  2. The ones that you can wear with your jeans as well as with your midi-skirts.
    Dress them up or down, they are perfect for summers, plus they are a complete steal in place of the wonderful Sam Edelmans (which not all of us can afford)!


    Chapter 13


    Sam Edelman

    Buy the Chapter 13 ones here and Sam Edelmans here!

  3. For the desi in you:-


    By Uzma Pirzada

    Buy these and similar pretty ‘khussas’ by contacting the brand here!

  4. For the sporty-chic look, these both were so summer perfect that we couldn’t pick one!


    Antonia Melani

    Buy them here!!



    Buy these Halogens here!

  5. For the party girl (who can’t deal with stilettos in this heat):-


    Marc Fisher

    Buy these wonderful wedges here!


The year that was.

1 Jan

Plans for 2017

I had planned to write down, in what I was sure would be a very long list, all that I had lost in 2016, all that I had suffered.

I’d planned to write it out before 2017 began and to then cut off my ties with it all.

But when I finally got down to the writing, I could not help but concentrate on the positives. Finding good in things that had seemed unbearable when I was living through them, finally coming to a point where I could embrace all the memories, even those marred by various factors, just by separating the negative from them and focusing on the good they had brought to me.

It is true indeed that when we look at our past we do so through a rosy filter, where everything feels prettier than it really was.

But this was different because one little realization changed my perspective on all that had happened to me in the year that was; I was being thankless for the wonderful things I had achieved and experienced this year because I was too busy concentrating on the little inconsequential things that no more deserved my worrying..

I got so much of what I had been praying for. Internships abroad, travelling on my own, living alone oceans away from my family and making the most out of it, surviving without needing any crutches with my loved ones in different time zones, making new friends, holding on tighter to older ones and getting rid of those who were bringing only negativity in my life. I got through into my final year of med-school, I made huge progress on the book I am writing, I sketched more, I partook in surgeries and I got a chance to work with amazing surgeons. And with all of that, I lived to make my moral code stronger.

Above all, though, I feel in the past few years I’d begun to lose touch with who I was and what I wanted to be. My goals had become blurred and I’d begun to lose the rational part of myself to the emotional one. And to sit here today, seeing everything so clearly-my goals, myself and where I want to go-I am thankful to whatever forces in the world were the cause that I found my way back to myself. I fear if I hadn’t now, I would always have been lost and hence the dissatisfaction I’d begun to think was a part of me would have been my companion for life.

2016 has taught me so many lessons, lessons that maybe came the hard way, but they are ones that I hope will make 2017 better and easier for me.

So, I bid adieu to 2016, a stronger person, with more dreams in my head but with a steadier tread.

For now though, I will go be infinitely cliché and write down that usual round of resolutions that I won’t ever get around to achieving. In the meanwhile, I would love to hear from you as to what you learned from 2016 and what your resolutions for 2017 are.

Until next time, ever yours,





7 ways to style your checkered coats this winter

27 Dec
  1. Wear it as a dress. My rule is, if it is long enough and you can button it up, pair it with stockings and you are good to go. Honestly, give it a try. You will love it-especially thanks to the extra warmth you will get from this particular ‘dress’.


    Wear it as a dress.

  2. Couple it with a fine mix of ‘polished’ and ‘laid back’. How? Pair it with a nice collared shirt but add some spunk via a chic sweater. For an extra dose of casual add some nice fitting boyfriend jeans. Note:-this can be an easy day to night look, exchange your flats for some heels. Add bright earrings. a red lippy and a nice clutch and you are good to go.


    Mix and match.

  3. Twist things up by pulling it over a midi-skirt. Add a matching accessory (scarf, shoes, bag-any one of them) and you are sure to stand out. Note-try avoiding flats with midi-skirts, that is prone to make you look shorter and less pulled together.


    Add a midi to it.

  4. Less is definitely more. And keeping it simple is the best way to go. Wear it with a sweater in a muted shade (the more over-sized it is, the better), your favorite skinnies and easy-to-walk in boots.Go with the latest style of laced up boots, again preferably in a muted tone unless you want to stand out in the crowd. Then your thigh-highs would work just as well.


    Less is more.

  5. Not cold enough for jackets where you are? Do it like the bloggers do. Layer a light-weight sweater with a favorite shirt and let the coat act as an accessory on your shoulders. You can pull it on if the night gets too chilly but if it doesn’t, well you won’t be too warm. Personally I feel its best to wear your coat like this if you are wearing skinnies but if you are feeling bold, couple it with a mini for a hotter look.


    Keep it simple.

  6. Add a pop of red. Nothing works better with a muted plaid, especially if it is in a shade of grey, than a little addition of something red. It can be via your bag, shoes or even your scarf, but if you keep everything else monochrome, the little bit of red will give both character and life to your outfit.


    Pop of color

  7. Sunday chic.Going out for a Sunday brunch? Grab your comfiest boyfriend jeans, add that favorite tee from your college and pair it with a nice pair of flats, preferably ones with a boyish touch. Complete your look with your favorite plaid jacket. And go stuff up on that brunch while snapchat-ing your “weekend” look.


    The laid back look.

Two thousand sixteen

3 Jan


It is here, a new year bringing with it a new surge of energy and a billion new plans. Resolution lists making me sure I will not waste this year, efforts to bring to life my plans for this year already in motion.
I can literally see the dreams in my own eyes, which makes me laugh because its the same stars in my eyes that have made me fall before.
But falling down does something wonderful too, it teaches you how to get up and how to keep going on till you achieve what you want. But more, how to do it better the next time.
So, with plans aplenty and a firmer grip on my dreams, I leave you with the best of wishes for a great 2016 and a hope that you guys all are able to reflect on all the great things and moments that happened in 2015 and are able to use that to seize 2016! Let’s make 2016 our year! Ok? Ok.

Let’s make 2016 incredible!

All my love,

P.S. My love for selfies is still not dying, any tips to help me do away with the habit? 😜


In the middle

30 Apr

It’s a mile high hike from where I stand,
Yet the valley on the other side is deeper,
The road I walk on isn’t smooth,
Yet it just keeps getting thinner.

My hands are tied,
My mind is a jumble,
I am caught up here in a fix, but,
I can’t afford to fumble.

This pressure around my neck,
It’s not going away,
My heart is barely beating,
And the skies, they are getting grey.

And I can’t even decide,
If its rain or sun I want.
All the moves that I ever made,
They are back here to haunt.

I just want a little relief,
Someone to take this all off of me,
But, the burdens I carry are only mine,
The terrors there only for me to see.

I have been divided into two,
Equal halves yet not split.
One for the valley that I came from and know,
Beautiful in its warmth, it’s so well-lit.

And the other for the hooded mountain top,
The unknown, the new, with a different appeal,
yet dangerous, for all that it could take away,
and all that it could steal.

Now, even this ledge is beginning to weaken,
My last support has given up too,
Yet I can’t make up my mind up,
Where to go, to what to bid adieu.

I know some of me I left behind,
But as much lies there at the peak.
One is part of me, the other I am a part of,
Yet I don’t know what exactly I seek.

Should I go back down,
For the sake of the past,
Or should I take a leap of faith, and,
Come whatever, I make it last?

For the love of Coffee!

5 Feb


I sat there. Forlorn, empty. There was a lack of direction at that moment of my life. A lack of activity, energy.
That all might have been due to the fact that I was a “run on my hormones” teenager stuck in a car as we “road-tripped” to a city which was far down there on my list of places to visit.
Or it might have been so because I, even at the age of 11 was the most melodramatic person you could come across so being so at almost 16 too made sense.
And let’s add a bit more drama here. I had just realized I would be celebrating my “sweet 16” far away from my friends in a new town, amongst unknown people.
Granted at this age I would see the advantages to such a situation and feel the excitement of celebrating my birthday in a historically exotic place-in short I had see it now as a beautiful opportunity-but at that time it sounded worse then a life-imprisonment sentence to me.
Hence, all the circumstances put together, I was having a stellar of a journey as I lounged like a moody teenager between my mom and my sister.
Till we made that pit stop halfway to our destination at that cute little cafe.
Oh. How little things can have huge impacts on us.
I wasn’t a fan till then of any beverage but coke. And no eatable but donuts would I munch down on. But having your 16th approach you at Concorde speeds is an eye opener. So, just recently I had started swapping out the fat for much “healthier” options in my life.
Not, exactly, to be healthy. But to lose weight.
So, when we sat at a corner table in that quaint cafe in the road side and everyone finalized their orders, my sister suggested I share her coffee with her seeing that I wanted to eat nothing else.
I wanted to bitch and whine but my family was already on my case “that I eat too little” so I kept my cool and just shrugged.
When the waiter finally brought the food around, I looked at the steaming pot of coffee and wanted to hide (how stupid we can be) for I had the impression that coffee can only be only bitter and disgusting (never judge a book by what you hear guys).
My share was poured out, my cup placed in front of me and my family watched on while the cup and I stared at each other.
I willing for it to disappear, the coffee begging me to give it a chance. And my family-just not sure as to what the hormonal teenager would do next.
Finally, I took a huge breath, squinted my eyes, pinched my nose and then went for the kill.
But-wait. What is this thing? It’s bitter, it’s mildly weird but-I still want more.
And I had more. One sip, two, three-and then the whole cup was finished.
I didn’t want more, for a newbie coffee drinker those 150ml or so of a caramel cappuccino was enough.
But I knew this was the beginning of something good.
And I was far from wrong.
For that journey, I found something new to be excited about.
And in the long run it was the start of a new affair for for me.
My love affair with coffee started off a little slow, with a cup once a week (mainly because Mum wouldn’t let me have more) but it moved on to two then three per week.
Fast forward to today, and I can’t go one day without at least one cup. And two is just as much a norm.
It kick starts my mornings, it warms my bones on cold days, it soothes me on bad ones. It energizes me when I am tired and, amazingly, it’s the one thing which can make me feel better no matter how bad my day is going.
It calms me, centers me and brightens me up all at the same time.
A friend recently said the number of pictures I take of coffee and how I go out on a daily bases to new places to try their coffees I should become “a coffee critic”.
Another suggested I name my blog “the coffee way”.
All brilliant ideas, but I believe although most people see how I love a good cup of coffee they don’t get it’s not an addiction.
It’s this love I have for it, a need I have to keep it in my life. Maybe it could be for in the past four years so many changes have come in my life that I want this one constant to remain there always.
Or, like I said before, it’s just an absolute affection for a flavor, a taste, that neither my taste buds nor my heart can go a day without.
It’s a best-friend I can sit with on rainy mornings and share my deepest thoughts with. It’s a keen ear I can have with me in quaint cafés to discuss the strangest politics with, it’s a prop I can use to meet up with old friends or hang out with new ones, it’s a conversation starter, it’s a common ground to build new relationships on.
It’s my favorite partner to have on quite, cold evenings when I sit at my window seat after a long hot bath and stare out at the deserted streets.
So, I have a love for coffee that is neither romantic nor unsentimental. It has dynamics that maybe most won’t get. But then many will for if not coffee, there is always that one constant in our lives that we hang on to with both hands hoping we don’t have to let go of it, both for our happiness and our peace of mind.
To love. In all it’s weird yet unlimited forms. Happy 28 days of love to you.


P.S. Check my Facebook page for more information on #28daysoflove .



Party-We all love the word!

27 Nov


It’s party season; and we are all looking for the best buys and the greatest steals. It might get tenuous, confounding, but still there is no better feeling then sitting there with a coffee (back please, after all we are trying to lose weight :-D) in front of your laptop, going from store to store from the convenience of your bed, on a cyber Monday. Finding great deals is then a huge, fabulous perk!!!
However, what if you missed those deals? What are you going to do about all the upcoming important office Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations?
Well, worry not, because there are still places that have got hot dresses at great prices and even some deals left for your advantage!
And like always, I have the list ready for you;
River Island; they can always bring surprisingly beautiful stuff to the table at great prices and they did so this year too.
Topshop; oh my God, these guys wowed me with their collection this year! And depend on them for affordable price tags too!
-Forever21; Yup, they have got dresses to make your head swoon and your heart beat race. Question is, why aren’t you on their site already?
-Tipilly; I am all for discovering new places with nice dresses at appropriate prices and in that regard, this online store has become a quick favourite for the designs are unique, wearable and affordable. Head over now, you won’t regret it!
-ASOS; I know you already consider it one of your go-tos for online shopping but the picture below should be just another reason for you to wander off to it again!!
For this sexy baby, head over to ASOS!


And here is something extra, for free even after cyber Monday. I am putting this competition here, which I came across on Shea Marie’s blog, because I liked it. I am hoping you will too!
Shea Marie’s £500 giveaway

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