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Peach and Stripes

19 Jan


What do you do when you are in love with too many things at the same time? Do you just leave done and go on with the rest or do you carry them all along? The question has always confused me, but then I look at other people and it becomes so clear.
That’s the key word. We have to stop somewhere in the middle. You carry too much with you, you will fall under its weight (read:imagine those people with a thousand things going on with their outfit-BLEKH). But if you leave too much behind, then you miss out on a lot. You will always be bare, empty! Minimalistic is good, but not good enough. A pair of jeans and white tee might be easy to carry around, but if you just add a bright blazer and nice heels, you will feel so much better, you will look outstanding.
So that’s what I do now, I keep that balance, in every walk of my life.
But recently I fell in live, I fell in love with peach and with stripes too. And I was down in the dumps for a week trying to get a balance between the two. And then, FINALLY, I figured it out!
I can wear peach today, style my stripes tomorrow! And the day after, I will wear a peach top with a black and white striped jacket and nude skinnies.
Then wouldn’t I feel like the queen of the world? I would feel like a genius too!

So, I end this post with a favorite quote,
“Top your ice-cream with sprinkles and chocolate! Don’t end up topping your sprinkles with ice-cream!”



Leighton Dazzles Again

30 Nov


No, I am not Gossip Girl obsessed! Yes, I like the style of the two lady stars. I also like Miranda and Kate, but no it doesn’t make me crazy. It just makes me a fashion fanatic.
Now that we have established that, here is a latest pic of the gorgeous Leighton at a recent party also attended by the likes of Karlie Kloss.
I am in complete love with her hair style, but even more the tone and cut of her dress. She looks smart and sassy and yet elegant. Her accessories are minimum but her red lips save her from being a bore.
However, you might buy that dress, get that haircut, yet the best way to be as beautiful and attractive as her is to have skin as fresh as hers. Here are three expert tips for glowing skin to help you with that, so you can make your ex repent and your crush drool.
1. Before getting into bed, put two drops honey and and two drops water on your palm and then gently rub your hands on your face. Wash it the next morning. Make this routine a part of your life, and be fresh forever.
2. Mix honey and brown sugar for a rough scrub and wash your face twice a day with it-keep the mix refrigerated in hot weather in an airtight jar!
3. Indulge in water and honey, they are as good for your skin when taken in as when used on it. Also drink green tea for great metabolism and healthier you.
Remember, you look good when you feel good. Eat healthy, don’t over stress and be young forever!

You are what you eat-beauty expert

Happy holidays!

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