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Valentine’s day wish list

3 Feb

Every year I devote February to my loved ones.

Is not that what we are taught from grade school? We have whole lectures devoted to writing letters to our parents and then our class fellows and friends, telling them in every one of them as to how much we love them. And then whole evenings spent wrapping little gifts for the same people. Whole days spent making lists for what to get for whom and more days spent in buying them.

So for me, February has always been about expressing my love to everyone around me.


BeFunky Collage

Diptyque Rose delight candle| NARS velvet lip glide duo | Dessert date at Laduree | Cuddle up faux fur heart accent pillow | Valentino Rockstud pumps | Furla bag |

But one very important person our school forgot to tell us to write letters to, a person that maybe should have been close to the top of all our lists, if not that at the very top, a person we should all have been buying gifts for every year too. A person as important as the rest of them.

Who is that person you ask? You!

Growing up, although we were always told to respect ourselves and even love ourselves we were never shown how to practice that, how to reinforce that. And over the time I have realized that to love oneself is not just to say it on a daily basis, but to practice it. To take care of yourself before anything else, to look after your own needs and requirements-it is not selfish, I realized, but essential. And it is almost as important to reward ourselves for little accomplishments as to shower ourselves with love on special occasions.

Hence, I decided that this year I will celebrate my love for myself right along with celebrating that which I had for those around me.

So when people began sharing ideas for what to get for your loved ones, I began to make a list of what I would like to buy for myself this year. A wish list for Valentine’s day that is, and today I want to share it with you to hopefully inspire you to go and get something for yourself. And if not that, you can use this as a guide for valentine’s day gift ideas for your best girlfriends. Or your singular, very much loved, girlfriend! 😉

So, here it is-my wishlist/ a Valentine’s day gift guide for her.

What are you planning to get for yourself? And for your loved ones? Do let me know, I would love to hear your ideas!



Counting my way to the next sunrise

15 Feb


Some days start,
their end comes so smoothly,

Like the blink of an eye,
a smile on a sunny day,

Some mornings they begin,
you count till it is dark,

The lights dim out,
the way they have inside you,

and the seconds are years,
never ending, yet instantaneous when they end.

Love isn’t selfish, nor does it hurt.

18 Feb


These past five days have been an eye opener for me on so many levels and in so many forms that it all combined to be a shock to my system. But, I am thankful for these days too because where I lost somethings I gained a whole lot in advice and experience.
And life teaches lessons better then anyone else.
Details of what happened and how are too much for me to go into right now but these past days finally showed me that there is only one person to trust and only one to love.
And try not mixing the two up, unless the object of your affections is you, yourself.
Who would these people be then?
Let’s make it a bit more fun and dedicate each day of these 28 days of love series to them.


17th February-The one you love.
This is the person to whom you hand the biggest chunk of your heart, with a license to deal with it as they please as; you shower them with love, respect and courtesy and unlimited attention. Be warned, though. They are not bound to reciprocate your actions. In fact the chances of them going the opposite way are quite high. This could be a friend, a mentor, a relative, a colleague or even your romantic interest. The key to handling this relationship? While you are already trusting them with your heart I advise you not to trust them with anything else for then not only your heart but everything you said or did could 9and will be) be used against you. Still, though this is a relationship that seems parasitic, it is actually symbiotic and unavoidable. So, go find that person to play with your heart but keep every other emotion and thought in a lock far away from them.

16th February. The one you trust.
See, take this advise and never ever let it go. Trust and love mixed together is a recipe for disaster so keep each of them far far away. Be amicable to the person you trust but don’t let love be a part of the equation for it will blind you, your trust will be infinite and you will be made to pay for being an open book. This day is then dedicated to the person you can trust with the deepest of your thoughts and emotions, can even be liked but can and should never be “ardently loved”. Would you rather your have your trust misled with or your heart broken too at the same time?


14th February. For the one you love and trust.
Write it in a place where you can see this on a daily basis. You, and only you, deserve the honor of being trusted as well as loved for you would never flirt with your own emotions nor would you use information on yourself against yourself. You know who you are and you will be the only one who can judge yourself fairly for not only do you know where you are coming from but also where you need to go. But when you go baring your heart and your secrets to the best of the people, you are out begging for nothing but trouble. So. Don’t share. Ever. Unless-of course-it’s your mother we are talking about. She is a class apart. No? It’s not narcissistic to love yourself, it’s imperative. It gives you a confidence, a glow that will attract people to you like bees are to honey. The best part-you would no more be dependent on other people for any sort of affirmation.

This all sounds selfish? Maybe, but then I think you missed the point of this whole post. 😉

Love believes in giving.

8 Feb

I ran up the stairs, all the way to the top floor of the building. Such was my state of excitement. Such was my euphoria.
The time had come, finally. The wait had come to it’s end. It was here, the day, the minute, the second I had been waiting for since God knows how long.
The final part of Harry Potter series was here, and I had just driven to the most prestigious bookstore in town(the only one stocking it within two days of the book launch) with my brother and parents to get it.
As I finally took the final two stairs in a leap, following my elder brother as closely as I could, and my feet met the plush carpet of the polished store, I found my heart skipping a beat at the sight of the beautifully arranged pillar of the Harry Potter books near the check out counter.
If I was in a movie, the world would have stopped, the books would have had an ethereal glow to them and the angels would have sang in the background at that instant.
Still, even though none of that happened, my excitement unbelievably went up a dozen more notches and my face, I am sure , was covered with the goofiest of smiles.
But then, I landed back heavily on the ground, falling from my flight to the heavens, as I saw the long line of people awaiting to get their own copy. All equally enthusiastic, equally happy.
All at that instant my worst enemies as I caught anxiety clawing around in my throat wanting me to scream them away from the books.
What if-oh God forbid-but what if by the time it was our turn they would have sold out all the copies they had shipped in? I asked my brother this question repeatedly enough to make the usually cool person lose his calm. He told me to shut up and not to be stupid, they would have gotten enough copies to last them a week at the least.
I disagreed, though silently, as I saw the pile of copies so gorgeously decorated before, shrinking out in its size.
And then, even though I only had courage to peek through squinted eyes, I saw the inevitable happening.
Two people before it would finally have been our turn to get the book, the last of the pile got picked up, packaged and sold.
I closed my eyes, to hide from the truth, to pray, to keep the tears from falling as I whispered to my usually worshipped-to-death brother, “See, idiot, they are out of them. I told you we should have left earlier.”
I heard him heave a sigh and I thought he finally understood the situation we were in but when I opened my eyes so that I could say something to make him feel better, I found him wearing only a smile.
I gritted my teeth, “This makes you happy?”
His grin widened as he shrugged nonchalantly. I frowned at him but when he pointed behind me I followed the direction of his gaze unwillingly. And then all but screamed with happiness.
There sat one of the sale clerks with a huge carton of books on his side as he set up a pile of books like the last one.
But this one was better, as I knew that from this lot, one would be going home with me that evening.
We came home that day, my excitement bubbling through the house, my brother’s like always contained behind a facade of boredom.
But we both had the same goal, which we both achieved. To finish the book as soon as humanly possible.

I fell in love with the Harry Potter series when I was in grade fourth, and my brother suggested I read the book he was reading-part four of the series. Once I was done with that I quickly read through the first three parts and then I had wait with my brother every year for a new book, lamenting when the release was delayed, rejoicing when on time, praying for the next one to come sooner.
But it wasn’t only these series I fell so hard for. Over the years I have fallen in love with many a writer, many a book series-in short I have fallen in love with reading.
And that’s one love I can’t get over, an affair that has taken me to places, helped me meet people no other relation has ever been able to. This is one relationship not just full of depth but it is always giving. Always kind. Always reliable.
Hence, my deep affection for reading, for finding new writers and revisiting the old loved ones, is not just irreplaceable, it’s hard for me to imagine my life without this dimension in my everyday routine.
Besides, what’s a quiet evening with a cup of cappuccino without a book to excite your mind?


P.S. I am loving this 28 days of love series not only because I am getting to focus on all things in my life that are important but also because I get to share my love for all these things with you guys. My favorite people of all. Remember, love is a billion little things in your life, not just that one person on his white horse.

For the love of Coffee!

5 Feb


I sat there. Forlorn, empty. There was a lack of direction at that moment of my life. A lack of activity, energy.
That all might have been due to the fact that I was a “run on my hormones” teenager stuck in a car as we “road-tripped” to a city which was far down there on my list of places to visit.
Or it might have been so because I, even at the age of 11 was the most melodramatic person you could come across so being so at almost 16 too made sense.
And let’s add a bit more drama here. I had just realized I would be celebrating my “sweet 16” far away from my friends in a new town, amongst unknown people.
Granted at this age I would see the advantages to such a situation and feel the excitement of celebrating my birthday in a historically exotic place-in short I had see it now as a beautiful opportunity-but at that time it sounded worse then a life-imprisonment sentence to me.
Hence, all the circumstances put together, I was having a stellar of a journey as I lounged like a moody teenager between my mom and my sister.
Till we made that pit stop halfway to our destination at that cute little cafe.
Oh. How little things can have huge impacts on us.
I wasn’t a fan till then of any beverage but coke. And no eatable but donuts would I munch down on. But having your 16th approach you at Concorde speeds is an eye opener. So, just recently I had started swapping out the fat for much “healthier” options in my life.
Not, exactly, to be healthy. But to lose weight.
So, when we sat at a corner table in that quaint cafe in the road side and everyone finalized their orders, my sister suggested I share her coffee with her seeing that I wanted to eat nothing else.
I wanted to bitch and whine but my family was already on my case “that I eat too little” so I kept my cool and just shrugged.
When the waiter finally brought the food around, I looked at the steaming pot of coffee and wanted to hide (how stupid we can be) for I had the impression that coffee can only be only bitter and disgusting (never judge a book by what you hear guys).
My share was poured out, my cup placed in front of me and my family watched on while the cup and I stared at each other.
I willing for it to disappear, the coffee begging me to give it a chance. And my family-just not sure as to what the hormonal teenager would do next.
Finally, I took a huge breath, squinted my eyes, pinched my nose and then went for the kill.
But-wait. What is this thing? It’s bitter, it’s mildly weird but-I still want more.
And I had more. One sip, two, three-and then the whole cup was finished.
I didn’t want more, for a newbie coffee drinker those 150ml or so of a caramel cappuccino was enough.
But I knew this was the beginning of something good.
And I was far from wrong.
For that journey, I found something new to be excited about.
And in the long run it was the start of a new affair for for me.
My love affair with coffee started off a little slow, with a cup once a week (mainly because Mum wouldn’t let me have more) but it moved on to two then three per week.
Fast forward to today, and I can’t go one day without at least one cup. And two is just as much a norm.
It kick starts my mornings, it warms my bones on cold days, it soothes me on bad ones. It energizes me when I am tired and, amazingly, it’s the one thing which can make me feel better no matter how bad my day is going.
It calms me, centers me and brightens me up all at the same time.
A friend recently said the number of pictures I take of coffee and how I go out on a daily bases to new places to try their coffees I should become “a coffee critic”.
Another suggested I name my blog “the coffee way”.
All brilliant ideas, but I believe although most people see how I love a good cup of coffee they don’t get it’s not an addiction.
It’s this love I have for it, a need I have to keep it in my life. Maybe it could be for in the past four years so many changes have come in my life that I want this one constant to remain there always.
Or, like I said before, it’s just an absolute affection for a flavor, a taste, that neither my taste buds nor my heart can go a day without.
It’s a best-friend I can sit with on rainy mornings and share my deepest thoughts with. It’s a keen ear I can have with me in quaint cafés to discuss the strangest politics with, it’s a prop I can use to meet up with old friends or hang out with new ones, it’s a conversation starter, it’s a common ground to build new relationships on.
It’s my favorite partner to have on quite, cold evenings when I sit at my window seat after a long hot bath and stare out at the deserted streets.
So, I have a love for coffee that is neither romantic nor unsentimental. It has dynamics that maybe most won’t get. But then many will for if not coffee, there is always that one constant in our lives that we hang on to with both hands hoping we don’t have to let go of it, both for our happiness and our peace of mind.
To love. In all it’s weird yet unlimited forms. Happy 28 days of love to you.


P.S. Check my Facebook page for more information on #28daysoflove .


Oh, Brother.

2 Feb


There are some people in your life that are not only irreplaceable, but which you make your yard stick and you keep comparing others with these people.
I have only one such person, and I keep on comparing even myself to him to see if I am at par with him yet or if I need to improve.
He is my brother. My ideal. My inspiration.
My whole world. (although, I don’t tell it to him much for lord knows what that had do to his ego.)
My partner in crime, my mentor-he has taught me so much. From sports to how to know what the other sex is thinking to teaching me how to stand up for myself. From sneaky ways to getting what I want to secrets on how to be confident, and love myself.
He has given me all. But above all this awe that he has inspired in me, he has given me always this unconditional love.
A love that might be rude, teasing, annoying by turns but which always has been and will be without judgement. Without reasons. Without questions.
It’s as much a part of his DNA as it’s mine.
My affections for him are not just deep not unique, they are unparalleled. And, considering how I keep comparing every one I come across with him, I know that I will never be able to feel this way for anyone else.
Not only because he is one of a kind.
But because there our dimensions in our relationship that only a brother-sister bond could have.
So, on this second day of my #28daysoflove I not only am grateful for you, Kashif. But I send all the world full of prayers and love your way (and await you to send as many chocolates my way.)
Stay awesome. ❤
And for all the other siblings out there, be thankful you have each other.

P.S. This was another version of what love is. Isn't it pretty how we are completely drenched in the emotion, if only we had just look around. Just look a little closer. Love is in every gesture we share with our friends, every smile we give to a stranger, every glance we offer to a passerby.
Love is. It's just a point of recognizing it rather then bluntly running after an incomplete ideology that we have made up in our minds.

Love. Smile. Share.
You will never need anything more.

The concept behind #28daysoflove is explained here and even better on my Facebook page. Do let me know what you think of it.

Bundle of Love

1 Feb

Love. A feeling of deep affection that pulls you towards someone.
For February the first, I modify that definition hence.
Love: What an aunt feels for her niece every time she beholds her countenance and holds her little hands in her own.

They say there is nothing like that joy of holding a sibling’s child in your arms. Nothing like becoming an aunt.
I say there is absolutely no better wonder then becoming an aunt to a little princess like mine. Her selfless, all encompassing, honest affectionate emotions for me are like a miracle in my life. A beam of light in my saddest hours and pockets full of sunshine on rainy days.
Often when we are singing nursery rhymes at the top of our lungs or I am sharing my own views on life with the angel, she will look at me with that wickedly-sly smile of hers, her eyes twinkling with mischief and her cheeks redder then roses at the excitement of being called my “Princess Lemonade”.
It’s at those moments when I am clear about one thing, what I feel for Miles, I can never feel for anyone else.
It’s not the intensity of emotions which makes me say so, it’s the kind of emotion I feel. And in my heart I know nothing can feel the same, nothing can replace her just as I know when she gives me that toothy grin that I am hooked!
And she is just as much in love.
So, this February, rather then just thinking of what you had like to give to your significant other, get the status of being the favorite aunt and devote a little part of you to her.
And then bask, in the golden glow of this unselfish devotion.

P.S. This is the first post of my series “28 days of love”- the idea behind which is celebrating at least 28 different facades that love can have.
Use the hashtag #28daysoflove to promote the cause-to let people remember what love really is all about.
Also, feel free to do a similar series and let me know if you want me to check it out.
Love. Smile. PARTY.

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