5 ways to enjoy the NYFW without having to be there

12 Sep

It is that time of the year again, isn’t it? When people like you and me are stuck underneath such a huge pile of work and commitments that the mere idea of going away for a break is an impossible one. Yet, we can’t suppress the craving to be in New York during this particular week, to enjoy the festivities of one of the most anticipated fashion weeks of the year, the NYFW. But, the yearning can only remain so and all we can do is hope that one day we can be there too, enjoying the week like Chriselle or partaking in all its fun aspects like Aimee Song (a girl can dream).
But till that fateful day comes around for us, we aren’t going to just sit around and mop are we? Not when all hope isn’t lost. Not when you can still enjoy it, if not completely, at least partially.
Here is my two bit on how you can enjoy the NYFW from anywhere around the world.

1. Snapchat:
I swear this device is a godsend for fashion crazed people. Where Instagram and blog posts by people actively enjoying the NYFW can let you see only so much of it, Snapchat allows you to glimpse the real spirit of it, to partly experience the aura of it. So, if you haven’t already, follow all your favorite fashion personalities on this wonder-app and partake in the fashion shenanigans as if you were right there. Plus, you get to see the collections before they even hit the blogs. Or the print media. (Woot woot!!)

Gather your fashion loving friends.

Gather your fashion loving friends.

2. Get your girlfriends on board:
I feel no shame in accepting that I am part of a new group chat on Whatsapp called “We heart NYFW” made by friends as crazy about fashion as me. There, we dissect and “critically review” the collections shown and rave about the upcoming shows, our favorite fashion bloggers and the hot models (that is every bit as important as the dresses themselves.) It not only is letting me feel more in the spirit of the week, but having people on the same page as me makes me feel less crazy.

Chiara supporting Ralph.

Chiara supporting Ralph.

3. Dress up and pose:
One of my friends, lets call her Zara, came up with this idea on the above mentioned group. And I LOVED it. As she put so eloquently, “So what if we cant go to Kate Spade’s show? We can for sure dress for it!” I later saw Chiara Ferragni doing something similar. Being in LA might have meant that she couldn’t go to the Polo Ralph Lauran show, but she supported the label by dressing in a dress by them and posting the click on Instagram. So, dress up, pose and take some snaps. You will feel like you are right in the middle of it all (and maybe just got to the show a bit too late to be a part of it).

Kristina ready for Givenchy after party.

Kristina ready for Givenchy after party.

4. Bring the party home:
No, I am not suggesting you host something huge, like the Givenchy after party. But just gather some fashion-loving pals, dress up and have a blast over fancy food. If you want to have more fun, ask your friends to dress the part of their style icons or just pick one brand and dress up in it. That way you can incorporate idea number three into the party too.

5. Give your take:
You are following all the right people, watching every step of the fashion week, seeing some amazing trends emerge and probably know more about what shoes and hair styles would be ‘in vogue’ soon than most people online, and yet you are doing nothing about it? That is a shame. Use your knowledge, form an opinion and post it online. Give your guide to the upcoming dos and don’ts of fashion, or simply highlight your favorite trends. But don’t sit there doing nothing. Share with us what you know!

I will end this post now, because my Whatsapp is buzzing insistently, but before I leave, I will just say this; these five tips are just the tip(no pun intended) of the iceberg. The possibilities to feel involved in something this far away from you are endless. And can and should be tailored to your own preferences. For example, amongst other things, I like sketching the best of dresses that I come across in these shows. Another friend likes adding fashion week street-style pictures to the mood board in his office. Use your imagination, and most importantly, have fun.


8 Responses to “5 ways to enjoy the NYFW without having to be there”

  1. Elisa September 14, 2015 at 10:06 pm #

    Love all the ideas! 😉

    Elisa // http://www.rainofpeonies.com

  2. Anastasia Nicole September 20, 2015 at 11:44 pm #

    Brillant ideas. I saw another blogger post something similar about grabbing her girls and doing a street style shoot. Def giving me something to think about for February…or when the Paris shows start rolling around in a few weeks.

    • gullhasnat September 21, 2015 at 4:23 pm #

      Thank you so much, Anastasia. And definitely do that. In fact I was thinking about getting together some bloggers over whatsapp for Paris show. Let me know if you would want in. Have a good day. 😘


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